Master Spoken English (The Use And Training of The Human Voice)

Master Spoken English (The Use And Training of The Human Voice)

Master Spoken English (The Use And Training of The Human Voice)
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Course Author: Gene Zerna Gene Corn
Author methods: Arthur Lessac, Arthur Lessak
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Genre: E-Learning

”Master Spoken English – Feeling Phonics”, was published in 1996 and is now in use in 48 different countries. Colleges and universities worldwide have recognized the need this training serves in enabling speakers of English to reach their full potential. Besides serving EFL and ESL needs, the series is used widely in learn-to-read programs. Meeting the needs of advanced communication skills courses, and providing beginning readers with the models to master the language, the program is uniquely structured to be both multi-level and multi-purpose. Phonics, as a science, has risen as the dominant tool for language learning. ”Master Spoken English – Feeling Phonics” is an encyclopedia of phonics. Training, as it was designed to, first-graders and full-professors. Enabling readers to excel, and training speakers like professional actors.

I have something to share with you – who love English. English is not my mother toungue, so I have big problem with pronunciation. 15 years is a long time. Yesterday, I have seen a great video on youtube. I was interested. It is very basic but master too. The video starts by an introduction, explaining with the image video how to pronounce correctly, and it ends with do practice by partners. It takes a haft day of mine to fly with this series. I was absorbed. So I decide to share with you. This is a collection which I searched by google. It is all of pronunciation. Let enjoy the course now

More info:
Year: 1993 (the year of the school shooting film)
Category: instructional video on the formulation of American pronunciation
Developer: SpeechMasters
Publisher: Zahoderik26
Language courses: English

Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned Pages
Number of pages: 291
ISBN: 1-55934-696-5
Series: third edition


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