Matt Callen Traffic Recon

Matt Callen Traffic Recon

Hi, my name is Matt Callen, and today I want to introduce you to a brand new traffic program that has the potential to
generate a ton of free visitors to your sites, and make you a whole lot of money.

I’ve been in business online since 2004, and the research and development that goes into what I do is based
off of actual testing done by us and our close business partners. From this testing, I specialize in developing
SEO software solutions that solve traffic problems.

We originally got into the SEO market back in 2004 when we were concentrating more on competitive niche
sites… things like weight loss programs and even wedding products. We created private software (not sold
publicly) for our own use for these various niche sites, to get them ranked #1 in Google for crazy
competitive keywords, outranking Fortune 500 companies! These few, major keywords were bringing
in thousands of visitors each day to our sites.

So for the past 9 years, we’ve developed a replicable system for ranking websites. Things have
obviously changed since 2004 – and we’ve adapted… staying one step ahead. We embrace
change because when Google changes, it means our competition’s rankings are probably
going to tank, while we set up a “buffer” that keeps our rankings right where we want them to be! 🙂

As you know, Google recently dropped a bomb on tons of people’s websites.

The Panda update rocked the boat. Then came Penguin 1.0… and most recently, Penguin 2.0.

Numerous clients started coming to us with similar problems. They all wanted to know HOW TO RANK
in today’s world, and how to get more free traffic after all of the mass Google confusion.
… What does Google really want?

… How does Google rank sites in the new age of SEO?

Bottom line, controlling your link building the right way is crucial because it is LINKS that make your sites move up the search engines… plain and simple. And yes, you have to have good On-Page optimization to stay out of Panda’s reach, but it is still about links.

I’ve identified The Critical Ranking methods that Google is using to rank websites. These are things we’ve been using to get massive, consistent traffic to our websites, despite Google updates.
Every site that’s ranking for high competition terms is hitting each one of these ranking methods…
Old-school SEOs are losing out because they’re NOT focusing on these link building strategies…
They’re unable to deliver results, because their link building tactics are obsolete… and it’s putting them out of business!
I’ll be straight with you…


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