Matt Carter - 12-Part Video Series For Affiliate Marketers

Matt Carter – 12-Part Video Series For Affiliate Marketers

Video 1:
“Finding Profitable Niches”
In this video you can watch over my shoulder as I demon-
strate exactly how to pick a profitable niche market. I will
teach you how to analyze markets and their products carefully.
Video 2:
“Choosing the BEST Domains”
Ok it’s time to get you underway with building a profitable
niche site. The first thing we need to do is get you a domain
In this video I teach you a few advanced techniques also,
that allow you to get top search engines rankings faster by
following them.
Video 3:
“Cash Pulling Keywords”
In today’s video lesson, I’ll be teaching you the secret to
choosing keywords that are destined to make money.
Not all keywords are created equal, and with a little insight
you will be able to easily pick ones that convert to sales at
incredible rates.
This is probably the most important part of any online
business to get right, and once you master this, you are
half way there!
Video 4:
“Planning Your Attack”
In today’s lesson I’m going to teach you a VERY important
technique for analyzing the competition for keywords.
It’s essential to do proper market research and know how
to spot the easy openings where the competition is weak.
This way you can get results much faster. In this lesson
that’s exactly what we’ll be doing.
Video 5:
“Building Profitable Websites Fast”
In this lesson I will be showing you how to easily create
simple but highly effective affiliate sites.
The kind of sites I’ll be showing you to build, don’t take long
to set up, that’s why I like them so much…they’re easy!!
Video 6:
“Writing Copy that Sells”
You’ll find a link to a video below where I explain how to write
product reviews and copy that actually sells.
I cannot tell you how important it is to get this right, and
unfortunately most people don’t even get close.
Video 7:
“Dominate The Search Engines – SEO”
You’ll be learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in this
lesson, and if you haven’t done this before, then don’t worry
because I am going to teach you everything you need to know
Video 8:
“Building Powerful Links for SEO”
Today I’m going to show you how to get a huge amount of
links to your websites easily.
The amount of links you have coming into your web pages is
one of the most important factors that Google and the major
search engines look for when calculating which pages to show
at the top of their search results.
Video 9:
“Web 2.0 Links”
Quick update from me, as I just want to help you get some
more backlinks to your sites, so we can keep pushing your
site up the search engines results.
In the video below, I show you how to set up some great
content based links easily for Web 2.0 sites.
These kinds of links are great for SEO.
Video 10:
“SEO Secret Weapons”
In this video I show you some VERY powerful SEO secret
weapons that I use. These methods have allowed me to get
countless top Google rankings.
Most people don’t know how to use these kind of techniques,
so when you do, you will be able to brush your competition to
the side.
Video 11:
“More Traffic Strategies”
If you follow this system and keep building backlinks to your
pages, you will eventually hit the top of the search engines.
And that is where the cash is.
However I want to give you some more ideas for getting as
much cash out of your pages as you possibly can.
So in the video below, I outline some tips for driving more traffic
and increasing your conversions.
Video 12:
“Outsourcing Secrets”
When you are building an internet business there are a HUGE
amount of tasks that you have to do everyday, and if you try
and do everything yourself, you’ll progress slowly and risk burning
To avoid this and speed up your progress you really need to be
working smarter and not harder, and the key to this is Outsourcing.
In this short video I show you the best site for finding outsource
staff, and also show you the steps I take to make sure I hire only
the best workers for the best price too.
There are a lot of tasks in your business that you can outsource
for as little as $2.50 USD/Hr
If you continue to do them all yourself, you’re essentially working
for that hourly rate, and I am sure you probably don’t want to be.
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