Matthew Phillips – Build a responsive and interactive web site from scratch

Matthew Phillips – Build a responsive and interactive web site from scratch

Matthew Phillips – Build a responsive and interactive web site from scratch

Name Product: Matthew Phillips – Build a responsive and interactive web site from scratch
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COST: $40= Your Free
Author: Matthew Phillips

Learn the foundations of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and gain the confidence and skills to build and website from scratch.

Are you looking to start out in web development, or are you a front end developer, with some HTML and CSS skills but looking to branch out further into JavaScript, well this is definitely the course for you.

In this course, I will walk you though developing your own, Responsive and Interactive website from scratch. And when I say scratch, I mean it. Unlike some lessons and courses out there on the Internet, this course shows you how to build everything, without using any bloated frameworks, plug ins, libraries, or even jQuery. You will be learning everything from the bare bones.

How this course is taught

I have been a web developer now for over 8 years, but I was once in your shoes, and I have created my course, based on how I and other developers would have liked to learn web development.

Every video goes straight into coding and creating an amazing site. I have done away with any guff or filler that you may find on other learning materials and create a no nonsense course. There are no confusing lessons nor any ramblings. There is just honest and direct teaching that I am sure you will love.

I have split this course into 3 sections.

HTML The foundations of any webpage. The HTML is the content of your site, and I help you build and layout your site in the correct method. Also the HTML will be SEO optimised as we use the correct elements for each section.

CSS This is what makes your site look awesome and visually pleasing. The course goes through how to style your site efficiently. We go through things like reset CSS to give a constant look across browsers, without any bloat.

Also the lessons will go through using the correct selectors, to target specific elements that you want to style.

Finally we will be making our site responsive, by using different methods, such as percentages and media queries, to make your site look amazing no matter if you are viewing it on a desktop, tablet or mobile.

JavaScript My favourite section. The course will show you exactly how to program common components found on most websites, just using plain JavaScript. Once you finish with my course, you will be able to build your own,

Responsive Sliders
Reveal mores
Contact us form, which sends real emails.
You will be able to build these components from scratch using plain JavaScript, without any dependences (such as jQuery). The course also demonstrates some of the common programming techniques such as,

JSON objects
A lot of developers rely on jQuery and other libraries, however any developer worth their salt should know plain JavaScript, and you will finish the course, knowing a lot more than some of the professionals out there.

Why else should I take this course

Once you have completed this course, you will be able to develop your own websites, from scratch without any reliance on anything. Your sites will be so fast and so optimised that you will be able to blow the competition out of the water, if thats not enough.

Access to the course community, where I am extremely active and on hand to answer any of your queries.
Hours of video, that is top quality and in full HD, taught by a native english speaker (I am from England).
I love teaching, and I am committed to anyone that takes my course.
30 day Money Back guarantee if you are not happy with my course.
So with all that and a Money Back Guarantee, Click the ‘Take this course’ button and start your journey in becoming a great web developer.


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