MECLABS - MarketingExperiments - Landing Page Optimization Online Course

[center][b]MECLABS – MarketingExperiments – Landing Page Optimization Online Course [8 Videos (MP4) + 8 Slides][/b][/center]
Become a certified professional in landing page optimization and learn a proven methodology for instant ROI
Salespage MarketingExperiments Landing Page Optimization Online Course

The fastest, least expensive way to increase your sales is to optimize your webpages. But optimization can be difficult. The challenge isn’t developing a way to test, but rather discovering what changes to test.
During the course you’ll learn proven techniques you can immediately implement, including:

How to optimize your landing pages using our proprietary conversion formula
How to identify and express an effective value proposition
How to reduce your website abandon rate by minimizing Friction
How to increase page relevance and reduce visitor anxiety
How to design landing pages to hold and engage the attention of your visitors
How to test and track metrics to analyze results to make further improvements
Discover exactly how the New York Times increased sales conversion by 1,152%, and how Encyclopedia Britannica increased conversion by 103%, alongside many other proven stories of success.

Review 13 relevant case studies with more than 29 charts and graphs to discover the five essential elements of optimization.

Receive more than 307 pages of actionable content – all carefully arranged to for easy application to your own website.

Course Details

This course is designed for you to use at the speed that works best for you. The times listed below indicate the length of the actual recorded material, and do not necessarily represent the total amount of time needed to complete the certification courses. To take full advantage of the concepts presented, you may find it necessary to pause, take notes, and re-watch sections.

Total Sessions: 8
Total Course Duration: 5 hours, 5 min., 1 sec.
Average time per session: 38 min. 8 sec.

Introduction to Landing Page Optimization
(49 min. 30 sec.)
The Clarity of the Value Proposition
(46 min. 11 sec.)
Understanding the Motivation of the User
(38 min. 1 sec.)
Reducing Elements of Friction
(29 min. 5 sec.)
Tipping the Balance with Incentive
(68 min. 13 sec.)
Addressing Visitor Anxiety
(41 min. 33 sec.)
Optimization Process and Examples
(27 min. 5 sec.)
Review of Key Principles
(5 min. 23 sec.)



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