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Media Buy Academy & Bonus 'MASS Cash' Strategies

Media Buy Academy & Bonus ‘MASS Cash’ Strategies

MODULE #1: Media Buying 101 & Planning

So you start off by getting a nice overview of the course to settle your mind…

And then discover three ways to ‘craft your offer’, or in other words, three ways to make money from media buying. Think of this as the type of business model that you’re gonna follow.

You notice a really cool way to monetize media buying by ‘teaming up’ with businesses that need leads. They also show you the affiliate marketing model and another neat way to craft your offer…

You’re spoilt for choices, but you decide to go the affiliate route because its the simplest and fastest way to get started. You choose to promote a ‘Vitamin C Serum’, which is an anti-aging product. The payouts are healthy and the commissions are recurring, so you’re interested in promoting this offer as an affiliate.

Next up, you see how to put together the ‘perfect demographic’ of your ideal customer. Using the killer demographic tool they give (which is valued at $297 by itself), you instantly get the following data about your anti-aging audience:

Gender, Education Level & Browsing Location
Age Group, Income Level and Race
…and much more

Having this insider demographic data helps you craft the perfect Ad and offer for your audience. It also helps you choose sites that match your audience profile. By placing your Ad on sites that match your audience profile, you can really improve your conversions.

MODULE #2: Mini-Media Buys & Direct Buy Methodology

Alright so you don’t have a lot of money to spend and want to start small. In this section, the videos show you how to get started with ‘mini media buys’ for around $50…

You discover some creative ways to directly find sites that you can advertise on, cutting out the middleman and getting a rock-bottom price.

Remember, from the previous module you know your ‘ideal customer profile’, so now you use this data to ONLY find the best possible sites to advertise on.

Another cool thing is, the videos show you the 5 ‘hottest areas’ on a webpage where an Ad gets the most clicks and attention. Now you know exactly which sites to advertise on AND where to place the Ads for maximum traffic.

This section is rounded out with a couple of checklists and PDFs to get your through this module step-by-step. Using these checklists and tools really cuts down the trial-and-error and guesswork in media buying.

MODULE #3: Cutting Ad Costs For More Profit

Ok so you know the age/sex/income/interests of your ideal customer in the anti-aging niche, you got the exact sites you want to advertise on, and you even know the exact locations on those sites where you want to place your Ads…

Now you get a proven ‘swipe email’ to get in touch with these sites and get the best possible deal. There’s even a handy calculator that tells you how much to pay for advertising and how to maximize your profit.

There are 2 critical tips in this section that really open your eyes…especially the tip about being ‘personal’ and making the site owner happy enough to give you a great bargain!

You go ahead and and land deals on the first 3 sites to advertise on…these sites are blogs related to skin disorders so it matches your audience pretty well! Each site is willing to give you a $30-$50 trial run for the first month so you can test things out.

MODULE #4: Network Buy Methodology For Massive Scale

Now that you have your first few sites to advertise on, you head on over to the bigger networks that have lots of Ad inventory available. In this module, you learn which Ad Networks are the best ones, saving you the time & headache wasted on bad networks.

But what really gets your attention is the ‘underground’ way to get cheap Ad space so you can test out your offer with low risk. And then there are specific steps to follow to scale up your campaign for bigger profits.

And then you discover the most important tip in this module…how to have ‘x-ray vision’ on the best Ads on the internet, so you can just copy and model after these Ads. Basically, you get to see exactly what your competition is doing and when, so the guesswork is mostly eliminated!

MODULE #5: Banner Design Techniques To Maximize Click-Throughs

Ignored by so many, here you’ll learn the 6 principles of a successful banner design that gets more clicks and higher profits. Another important factor is choosing the right format, because the format can have a BIG impact on how well your Ads perform.

The ‘color contrast’ and ‘site mimicking’ tips seem pretty ninja, so you decide to get your anti-aging banners designed applying these powerful principles…

And then you use the resources they give you to get these high response banners created for really cheap! Its nice to know you don’t have to design anything yourself and saving money on design costs too.

MODULE #6: Landing Page Anatomy & Optimization For Maximum Conversions

This becomes your favorite module of the whole course. After all, you can get all the traffic you want, but what if its not converting?

There are many videos in this module, but the ones that really stand out are the ‘Design, Copy & Pyschology’ series that show WHY landing pages convert…

Having this killer information lets you setup landing pages that convert well right out of the gates, so you can start seeing a profitable return on your advertising spend quickly.

The ’12 step conversion checklist’ you get to download in this section guides you step-by-step in creating top-performing landing pages in the most fool-proof way possible, especially for beginners.

There’s also a special report on traffic behavior and movement, basically how people interact on webpages, which gives you an extra edge over your competititors in creating high performance Ads and Landing pages.

MODULE #7: Retargeting In Your Media Buys For Ultra Targeted Low Cost Traffic

This is one of the hottest technologies to ‘follow’ people around with your Ads. They might not take action the first time they see your Ad, but what if you can show your Ad on multiple sites they visit?

In this section they cover the 2 common mistakes that people make with retargeting campaigns. Avoiding these mistakes can immediately help you increase your ROI(profit).

There’s also a ‘best practices’ video for using Perfect Audience, a hot service that allows you to retarget people by advertising on Facebook. So you can run banner ads on websites, and then retarget the same people on Facebook!

You go ahead and quickly put together your ‘audience list’ using the tools they give you in this section. Now you have a list of people that will see your anti-aging Ads multiple times, almost guaranteeing a higher response in your advertising!

MODULE #8: Tracking & Analytics For Maximum Profit Optimization

This section seems boring, but you realize that its the most critical to your success.You see, what separates the poor marketers from the bad marketers is tracking and analytics.

You enjoy the many helpful videos in this section, showing you exactly how to setup easy-to-use tracking software and how to analyze your data.

Over time, this actually becomes the most fun part of the process! Its awesome to make small changes and see huge results! You use the 4-part conversion optimization videos to boost conversions from other traffic sources as you expand out.

MODULE #9: 7 Days To Mobile Media Buying For Affiliates

This one is hot, because Mobile Advertising is a brand new advertising medium thats growing explosively…and in this section you’re learning specific strategies that affiliate marketers can use to clean up!

And since you’re promoting anti-aging products as an affiliate, this section really peaks your interest!

It starts off by giving you all the best mobile traffic sources, so you don’t have to mess around with low quality traffic. It then gets into how to setup tracking and what type of affiliate offers work best for mobile display…

And then you discover the exact steps you need to follow to launch, analyze, improve and scale up your mobile campaigns to get up to $100/day as quickly as possible.

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