Let It Go - Melissa LeBlanc

Let It Go – Melissa LeBlanc

28 Experts Share How to Break Free From Struggle, Get

Unstuck and Embrace a Joyous Life of Freedom and Peace

Jump on the Success Train for a Life of Ultimate Joy,

Peace and Freedom!

In the Let It Go Online Summit you will…
• Learn what we as experts are doing personally on a daily basis, that takes just a few minutes
to make a big impact for long term happiness, success, and freedom. Yes, we are sharing
our secrets!!!
• Get access to FREE successful, empowering TOOLS, to support you in celebrating and living
the life you were born to live.
• Discover what is holding you back from experiencing TRUE happiness, TRUE freedom,
TRUE peace, and TRUE success as we share our tips, advice and stories.

The Let It Go Summit Experts:

Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Gutierrez is a firecracker. His humor and energy is explosive. So much advice and tips are shared from this powerhouse of a successful man. The entire interview was such a joy.
Today you will learn:
• The penny exercise and how this is relevant to success.
• The keys to abundance and success every day.
• What is the one question we should be asking ourselves that brings us back to truth.
• What will happens when you just keep moving ( and the how’s) and what is the direction for you?

MarBeth Dunn
I basked the whole time in MarBeth Dunn’s joyful presence. I truly loved everything she has to share with me and you. She is such a giver, and her spirit and love will fill your heart just by hearing her loving tips, stories and tools.
Today she shares:
• How joy can create Miracles and how to create this for yourself
• Grief and loss and how she handled this. If you are experiencing this, you will find so much love, peace, and hope
through her story.
• Where the pivotal point of power is and how to access it and USE it.
• How we receive messages from our bodies, and how to send messages back and how knowing this opens us up to ultimate,
health and freedom.

Gerald Rogers
Everything about this interview is amazing. Gerald Rogers is fantastic. With his brilliant and though out analogies Gerald Rogers really gives us crystal clear clarity to why things may or may not working be working for you.
Today Gerald Rogers teaches:
• What our “fruits” are and means. Trust me on this, listen and learn some invaluable information you can use for the rest
of your life!
• How to distinguish the truths and the lies that we tell ourselves. Yah, this is getting real.
• 6 questions to ask yourself that will REALLY fill you with fruits that are abundant, rich, and tasty so you can start experiencing
a joyful freedom-filled life. You will want to learn and memorize these questions.

Annette Pieper
Ahhh… Annette Pieper. I love her interview! She is practical, she is down to earth. Her no-brainer approach and amazing tips will get you changing your thoughts and actions TODAY!
Today Annette shared with us:
• Learn the rubber-band tool and how to redirect your thoughts for success!
• What is the bigger payoff? Story or Discomfort? Um… what does this mean?
• Brilliant Strategies to really overcome and let go.. and spring into freedom, joy, and peace.
• How to feel our spaces and re-write our future and build new roots system to grow bigger.

Dr. Friedemann Schaub
Dr Friedemann Schaub is such a genuine, soft yet very powerful. He is an expert that specialized in stress, anxiety and fear. I am so happy to have him aboard and share how to really get results. He is creating outstanding change in people who really want change and I encourage you to listen.
Today you will learn:
• More about stress, anxiety, fear and how to move past this
• Tools and methods to break through what is keeping you stuck and holding you back
• How to get real with yourself to really “let IT go

Nikkea B. Devida
Holy ton of info in this interview with Nikkea B. Devida. It is packed full of off processes and systematic things to make “letting go” clear and understandable. She also shares her story to really map this out for us.
Today Nikkea explains:
• Learn the 4 differences between the conscious and sub-conscious and why we sometimes don’t overcome our “programming”
• What the heck is a “kingpin” and how this helps us in releasing limited beliefs.
• The Breakdown of “Your Beliefs Create Your Results”

Cari Murphy
Cari Murphy is gorgeous inside and out! This was such an easy flowing interview. She touches on the many aspects on how to bring about the most amount of joy and fulfillment.
Today Cari touches on topics of:
• Awareness, opportunities, triggers, soul purpose and perspective.
There is so much juicy stuff here that it’s really hard for me to pinpoint and pick just a few things, there are so many.
Listen and hear for yourself how to experience peace, joy and freedom.

Carolyn Cooper
Oh my gosh, I LOVE Carolyn Cooper to pieces. She has been one of my mentors and always leaves me feeling like I can do and achieve anything!
Carolyn will teach you today:
• The seeds you can plant to turn life into possibilities and set up success in ALL areas.
• The spider and the cobwebs (not in a scary way).
• The common denominators of self-love and how we can move into this space to create peace, joy, and freedom.
• Amazing affirmations you can use and take with you.

Danielle Dowling
Danielle Dowling is fantastic. She was a joy to work with and I sat there stunned for a sec at how quickly this interview went. I took pages of notes and this was just scratching the surface. This is an important interview. Don’t miss it.
There is so much to learn today like:
• Knowing when to let go and how to recognize the when
• Pro-active letting go and how this is instrumental in easing the pain
• What “I am enough” has to do with everything
• The 2 things we are motivated by and what to chose to soar us into freedom and success
• FEAR. why we have it, what we can do to move into the other side and create out of love.

Karen Curry
Calling to everyone, come learn YOUR Human Design! Karen Curry was a joy and so full of life and insight on this intriguing topic. DOWNLOAD YOUR HUMAN DESIGN CHART BEFORE the interview so you can follow along.
Today Karen gives you insight into
• Human Design and how knowing this can change your life
• Your specific Human Design type
• Why you may feel “stuck” and even better how to move out of this
• How decision making plays a role in money, success, freedom, and fulfillment according to your type

Bec Robbins
Bec Robbins is so amazing and authentic. I could talk with her all day. She really dives in deep and gives you specific processes that you can use NOW so you can let go what is no longer serving you and start creating the life you want. This is life changing stuff here!
Bec Robbins shares with us today:
• Her 3 step process to move into pro-creativeness. ( did I just make up a word?)
• The 7 steps of acceptance. This process will change you.
• Where resistance shows up in these steps and how to slay it
• The #1 thing you can keep inside of you to slay anything in your way

Michelle Castro
My friend Michelle Castro is beautiful and brilliant. She really brought her inner Rockstar to this interview and will show you how to dive into yours.
Today Michele teaches you:
• What you THINK is saving you that’s really not
• What it takes to really move you into fabulous
• How to hire your inner Rockstar and the purpose this serves
• Discover your vision piece and how that plays a significant role in letting go

Mark Sherwood
Mark Sherwood shares some delicious goodies you don’t want to miss. (Ooops, today is health related so think smoothie). Hmmmm (got to keep the M’s going) what can I say about Mark Sherwood. Okay, what can I NOT say about Mark. There are so many take-a-ways from this interview. I totally loved all the time I spent with him.
Mark Sherwood will teach you:
• The 4E fitness aspects to be healthy on the inside and out
• The 2 fold parts of forgiveness and why this is essential for happiness and peace
• What the Value Pledge is and how you can be implementing this every day for free success.

Marnie Pehrson
Marnie Pehrson was so informational. I learned a ton of practical advice and solutions and so will you. Her methods and tools are simple enough for anyone to understand and apply. MmmmHmmm. For real.
Today you will learn:
• How decisions play a role in letting go
• How to let it be easy even when it’s hard
• The OTHER 50% of getting through something that is tough
• Limited thinking you can let go of

Kim Flynn
Kim Flynn totally lives up to the title EXPERT! She really got me thinking and jumping aboard the success train. Come hop along as she shares how successful people think.
Today you will learn:
• The 3 steps to building your dreams
• How to share your unique voice
• The no fluff no bullcrap way to success

Wendy Kay
Wendy Kay is such a dear. Her soft spoken yet super empowering words will teach you how really let go. If it helps just for the moment or for long term, wherever you are at she is here for you. I totally love her level of service and caring.
Learn from Wendy:
• How to release resistance on a regular basis
• The missing link to “letting go”
• How to find your calling and purpose

Sunny Dawn Johnston
Sunny Dawn Johnston will blow all your fear and doubt away. She is truly an Angel for us right here on earth. The information she shares will really get you tapped into no excuses to living a beautiful life filled with love, freedom, peace, joy and success. There is so much here that you will miss out on for a better now and a better future if you don’t tune in. Your life WILL change.
Sunny will teach and share:
• How to believe in yourself and find your value and worth
• What Archangels are and how we can use them for success, joy, and empowerment
• Sunny’s daily morning process and how this can really change your life starting TODAY!
• How to recognize and receive your own gifts to use for yourself and share with others

Debbi Dachinger
Debbi Dachinger is an absolute star! you can feel her light radiating out and you will not want to miss basking in her unique and amazing energy and message. She is the Dare to Dream Queen.
Today Debbi shares:
• Restructuring, what is it and how knowing this can keep us moving forward.
• Key points from her own life and story ro help us really dream and play big. For reals!
• Tips and tools to truly let go. She isn’t afraid to go directly to truth, and even redirected me a few times
(yah, totally awesome. Don’t miss it!)

Remy Chausse
I totally love Remy Chausse and her rock star name and peppy personality. You can’t help but be pulled into everything she says. She was an absolute pleasure to interview, Remy will take you through her 3 workshop exercises to move you out of, well, anything! Even though I couldn’t get out what I wanted in the right way through these exercises (it came across totally different than I wanted) she is brilliant and I learned a TON of impotent info. and so will you!
Learn from Remy today:
• What purpose anger serves
• Why there is really no such thing as an obstacle
• How to hold the space for yourself and others
• Illusion and how this relates to your situation

Lisa Barnett
Can I just say how fun this interview was with Lisa Barnett? She was incredible. She dives in deep as we talk about her expert topic of Acoustic knowing (I still can’t say this right). She hung in there with me as I asked her some pretty interesting on the spot questions. Come experience this interview and get your questions answered about Acoustic Records and Knowing for yourself.
Lisa Barnett shares with us:
• What is Acoustic Knowing, and how this is relevant to our topic of getting unstuck and letting go
• Learn about Divine Source energy and Divine beings of light here to help us
• How to go in and pull things from our records to get the help and resources we need past lives, karma, vows, soul contracts,
and so much more!
• Oh… Lisa also takes us through a healing prayer on the call!

Michele Blood
Come learn and and feel the Divine presence and radiating energy that Michele Blood brings with her on this call. She was a joy to talk to and brings in a lot of deeper elements that will really help propel you forward. She is full of love and so is this call. Don’t miss it.
Michele Blood shares with us:
• Several amazing tips to move into a higher vibration. This is incredible
• Have you ever heard of Kandulini? Learn more about this and its importance
• How to let go of pain, ego, past experiences, judgments.

Suzanna Kennedy
Suzanna Kennedy is a delight. Her light free flowing energy is just what I needed. Her story is beautiful and she gets to the “root of it” when it comes to letting go.
Today Suzanna shares:
• How to let go to false information that prevents us from being who we are
• How to bridge the conscious mind, sub-conscious mind, and super consciousness.
• The element of self love and how it is relative in relationships and everything else in our lives.
• Her beautiful process that she uses every day to center, balance, and bring sun and earth energies into the heart.

Katrina Sawa
Katrina Sawa, what a powerhouse! She has so much business success and life experience that she is totally open to sharing with you. Lucky I know! If you want results in money and success then listen up! She shares her “love yourself successful” advice that you don’t want to miss!
Today learn from Katrina:
• The 4 types of love we need to have and be successful
• What kind of decision making we need to be doing to be even more successful
• The 1 thing every successful person uses to be successful
• What we need to be filling everyday so we don’t run on empty

Richard Gordon
Richard Gordon. I can’t even get over the depth of this conversation. The love will shower you throughout this conversation. Your life will change after listening to his A-M-A-Z-I-N-G technique. I cannot express enough gratitude about Richard sharing these life changing principles.
On Richards interview learn about:
• The life force that runs through of all of us and how use this to heal, free yourself, jump into freedom and gain
ultimate happiness
• Intention and the right way to use this… and beyond
• All the dynamics and phenomena of LOVE
• Quantum touch, what is it and how it works
• How to use this process for manifesting

Morry Zelcovitch
Morry Zelcovitch totally wowed me with his brilliance and genius. I love his understanding of not only everything brainy, but synchronicity of the heart, gut, and mind. If you are a skeptic, non-“believer” (and even if you’re not) this is the interview for you!
Today on the call:
• Learn how Morry almost breaking his knuckle brought him even more love and gratitude
• Learn how neurochemistry in your brain can lead you out of stress and depression
• Learn what forgiveness REALLY is
• How the NOW helps you actually let go

Gloria Loring
Gloria Loring totally lives up to hear name. She is glorious, not only as a person but in this interview. I didn’t want to stop the interview. She covered all my questions without even having to ask. Lol. If you want more goodness and peace have a listen. She shares so many nuggets and goodness of information it’s hard to only highlight a few.
Some things you will learn from Gloria:
• The pointer finger analogy
• From victim to victor
• More on “dropping the drama”
• Consciousness and the role this plays in our happiness and success.

Ally Loprete
Ally Loprete is a dazzling star and dives into the core of “let it go” as a theme in relation to Disney’s recent “Frozen” movie. You don’t want to miss the dynamics on this energetic call. This is another interview where there is so much amazing content that it’s hard to stick with a few. I will give it a shot anyway.
Today come learn from Ally Loprete:
• What we can learn about happiness that is NOT taught in school, corporate America, our upbringing, etc.
• Let’s look at the 1 thing you are hiding from the world and how to embrace this and start sharing your amazing gifts
with the world
• How to start owning your truth and getting real with what that truth is
• The 2 steps ahead approach and how this will create more organization and time

Dr. Alvin Jones
Goodness gracious, I cannot believe I am able to feature the amazing Dr. Alvin Jones on my summit! This man is a powerhouse of knowledge and information. His interview is truly transformational. Not only is he amazingly successful, but he shares his extensive knowledge from others who are amazingly successful as well as how we can follow in their footsteps. His free gift, that is worth its weight in gold!
Come learn what those footsteps are as Dr. Alvin Jones shares:
• His personal daily routine of what works for him for success, peace, and freedom
• How to break the spirit of fear
• Other processes that are working for him to be successful, happy, at peace and free. And guess what?
You can jump on board this too!
• The key things to hold onto when moving forward
• How letting go is not what it seems and how to create the space to move into something greater!

Your Host
A Mindset Mentor, Energy Practitioner and #1 Transformational Accountability Coach. My approach is gentle, yet direct as I facilitate ongoing positive transformation. I use Mindset Mentoring to: connect and hold you to your vision, help you sustain higher positive vibrations, and create a higher and stronger mental state. I use Energy Healing methods to: clear blocks, limited beliefs, negative thinking patterns, generational baggage, and addictive behaviors throughout the process. I use Transformational Accountability Coaching to: help you create and set monthly action steps and goals, encourage and keep you motivated and check up on your progress to keep you accountable towards your vision and dreams.



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