Memory Mindfest - Learning Strategies

Memory Mindfest – Learning Strategies

Memory Mindfest
presented by Learning Strategies
hosted by Paul Scheele and Vera Birkenbihl

Welcome to the Memory Mindfest. You can listen

to any session absolutely free forever!

Whenever you read/hear/perceive anything in the outside world you can only take in so much at once. So repetition will offer you another chance to take in more so you can discover new material.

Whatever you perceive will always be filtered by your motives. On some days, certain themes fascinate us, and on other days these same subjects hold little interest.

Whatever you perceive today will be filtered by what had gone on before and what happens in the future. Something you hear today may not seem relevant today, but a future event could make it important.

The Memory Mindfest is based on Paul R. Scheele and Vera Birkenbihl’s popular Memory Optimizer personal learning course. You can use this mini-course right now to vastly improve your memory and learning abilities. In Paul and Vera’s extraordinary “whole mind” course, Memory Optimizer, you will sharpen your memory and function at peak efficiency throughout your life. Optimize your memory and you will…

Remember more, forget less, and say good bye

to the embarrassment of a lousy memory

This outside-the-box course transports you to the cutting edge of personal development and headlong into the mystery of the workings of your wonderful human brain. Fun, exciting, and ripe with unlimited possibilities.

From the first recording you will find it infinitely easier to:
• Remember to do something Send a birthday card; feed the dog; change the oil; meet deadlines, and keep on top of
projects at work.
• Remember something from the past Warranty information, jokes, past conversations, promises, and creative insights.
• Remember facts Dates, data from work, statistics, telephone numbers, foreign expressions
• Remember sequences Lists, instructions, speeches, sheet music, and directions, and those awful Internet passwords.
• Remember names, faces, and other personal information Birthdays, anniversaries, immunizations and medications,
past gifts, personal preferences, names of spouses, and number of children.
• Learn School concepts, computer sequences, work facts and figures, procedures, inside tips from masters, travel information,
languages, and DIY projects around the house.

Gain practical, everyday uses

• Students can more easily do their school work for better test results with less effort.
• Executives can juggle multitudes of facts.
• Investors can recite P/E Ratios, stock histories, and other pertinent data on hundreds of companies.
• Musicians can play without sheet music.
• Gardeners remember which plant varieties bloom in which month.
• Teachers quickly recall names of their students and know their preferred learning styles.
• Sales professionals retain details about their competition.
• Weekend home improvement warriors remember how to use equipment.
• Mothers remember to bake cookies for Tuesday’s class.
• Shoppers remember what food is already on hand.
• Politicians deliver speeches without notes.
• Useful to combat aging.

More than just memorization!

You will not need to memorize everything. Instead you will learn to use your brain in a way that makes it easier to remember. Plus, you will significantly reduce the chance of drawing a blank at a meeting or in front of your boss—you will be able to perform under stress! When you understand how your memory works, and when you use simple brain-friendly techniques, you can vastly improve your memory to the point where you will never doubt your memory again. Never. Ever.

The secret is in your 11-mile Memory Web

Imagine a colossal Memory Web that holds every piece of information and every memory from your life. It is 11 miles across and very intricate. Imagine looking at your Memory Web with a flashlight. Whatever you can see in the light’s beam is what you can know at any given time. But, the light beam is only 15 inches. That is, you can only see 15 inches of information from a web that is 11 miles across.

You simply cannot see everything on your 11-mile web with your 15-inch light beam. Unless you find a Memory Thread on the web that goes directly to what you want to remember. Tug on that thread and you automatically transport to that area of the Memory Web where what you need to remember exists. It is like a “super highway” thread, or a “worm hole” if you are into science fiction. That’s one of the secrets of the Memory Optimizer that sets this system above and beyond other memory systems.

Memory gets worse with age, but when you use the

Memory Optimizer you might not notice the decrease

Here’s why:

When you use the special techniques from the course to improve your memory, you build more and more connections in your memory web. As a result, memory loss is easier to deal with. Those who have built a strong and intricate memory web might not even notice a decrease in memory whether caused from aging or brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

You may have heard about the on-going, now-famous study of nuns here in Minnesota—they were featured in Time magazine, among other publications. Researchers discovered a direct connection between a person’s ability to write complex sentences and the likelihood of contracting Alzheimer’s. Physical brain destruction from Alzheimer’s does not always lead to mental deterioration and memory loss. Extra reserves of mental capacity, scientists believe, keep some people functioning at high levels despite the loss of brain cells. In other words, they can afford to lose brain cells. Nuns who wrote complex sentences had more brain cells and were less likely to suffer the ravages of Alzheimer’s.

For you, when you do the exercises and follow the tricks in the Memory Optimizer you will automatically create more brain cells and more connections, which will make you less susceptible to any possible destruction from Alzheimer’s. It is like mental hygiene, a mental toothbrush, that will benefit you long into the future. Paul and Vera suggest that revisiting the course annually will not only strengthen your immediate memory, but will stave off future problems and deterioration.

Memory should serve you, not limit you

Memory should be your strength, not weakness. Do not let your memory fail you when it can support your hopes and dreams. If you want to improve your memory—for whatever reason—start using the Memory Mindfest personal learning course today right here.

Here’s the schedule for the Memory Mindfest:

Welcome to the Memory Mindfest
Paul Scheele and Vera Birkenbihl: Introduction
Paul Scheele: Memory Optimizer Paraliminal (Use every day when possible.)
The Memory Mindfest is based on Paul R. Scheele and Vera Birkenbihl’s popular Memory Optimizer personal learning course. You can use this mini-course right now to vastly improve your memory and learning abilities. You will also be able to listen to the Memory Optimizer Paraliminal to prime your mind. It will help you absorb and use the information you gain during the Memory Mindfest.

Creating Your “Inner Archive”
Paul Scheele and Vera Birkenbihl: Creating Your Inner Archive
When you know the secrets that brain research has uncovered, you can easily access your memory even under great stress. Learn to turn your Memory Bank into an “Inner Archive” to dramatically improve your ABILITY TO FIND SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS and GREATLY IMPROVE CREATIVITY. You will also be able to listen to the Memory Optimizer Paraliminal to prime your mind. It will help you absorb and use the information you gain during the Memory Mindfest.

The “Anchorman List” and “Intelligent Gap Management”
Paul and Vera: The Anchorman List” and “Intelligent Gap Management
Paul and Vera: The Anchorman List Training
Today you will use an “Anchorman List” to learn and remember most anything. And for those times when information doesn’t come quickly, you’ll see how the “Intelligent Gap Management” process can keep you from going into self-castigation for having a bad memory.

How to Use Your “Inner Archive”
Paul and Vera: How to Use Your Inner Archive
Today you will explore using your “Inner Archive” to become an expert at thinking, problem solving, and, of course, remembering! You’ll learn how to activate more of your “memory web” while making more connections and seeing patterns in whatever your are learning or remembering so that you can harvest ideas and hidden jewels from the matrix of your mind.

Emotions and Memory
Paul and Vera: Emotions and Memory
Long before today you’ve realized how negative emotions have hampered, even strangled, your memory. Today you will explore how to use emotions to improve your memory and learning.

Anti-Aging “Tricks”
Paul and Vera: Anti-Aging Tricks
You will learn dozens of “techniques and tricks” to optimize memory in daily life, and you will learn certain procedures of mental hygiene that will not only strengthen your personality but also actively combat old age and even Alzheimer’s.

More and More Memory Tricks
Paul Scheele and Vera Birkenbihl: More and More Memory Tricks
Paul Scheele and Vera Birkenbihl: More and More Memory Tricks II
Today you will explore more concrete methods, strategies, and tricks for your memory. You will see how to solve a number of problems like remembering names or where you left your keys.

Making Your Thinking Agile and Mind Sharper
Paul Scheele and Vera Birkenbihl: Making Your Thinking Agile and Mind Sharper
You’ve become a Magician of Memory as you’ve dipped into the Fountain of Youth for lifelong, excellent memory. This session brings it all together for you as you continue to optimize your memory, making your thinking agile and mind sharper.

The sessions of the Memory Mindfest are On-Demand,

which means you can experience them anytime you want

whenever you want to improve your memory!

“I took this course as a result of poor performance at work. I was in great jeopardy of being fired. Within the first week of taking the course, my boss noted remarkable improvements in my follow-through and organization. Not only am I able to remember things that need to be done, I am better organized. I remember where I put things, and I remember where to find them. The most direct result of this course has been the renewed stability of my job and gaining the confidence of my boss.” – Tammy, St. Louis, Missouri

“As a child with dyslexia, I was convinced by teachers that my memory was bad, and often punished for it. (Dyslexia wasn’t identified in those days.) School and college were a struggle at best. In 1993, I had major brain trauma from a hydrogen explosion. Seven months later, subsequent testing showed my memory retention to be extremely low. Now at 64, I found Learning Strategies and Memory Optimizer. I was skeptical because of my life-long ‘conditioning’, but on the very first CD, I knew I could do it, I could remember! I’ve been ‘clinically tested’ and could not remember 10 random items in 6 hours, and now in one session, it’s no problem. My memory wasn’t broken all my life, I just didn’t know how to use it. I’m learning now, I’m happier, and I’m getting better at remembering every day. Thanks for my new life!” – Dan Burks, Bullard, Texas

“Before listening to the Memory Optimizer self-study course I barely understood memory. I had much trouble memorizing things for exams and often did poorly in classes where memorization was required (more than where it was not). This course truly revolutionized my understanding of memory and helped me to learn that connections are everything when it comes to memory. Now, I make connections often, and often find myself applying the principles of the course. I have improved my general memory and realized how rich and large my memory bank is. I am not worried about the effects of aging on my memory. I also have an easier time remembering things at work, people’s names who I meet, and what I have to do. My life seems to flow better, as I realize everything is interconnected and I draw my memories from connections I already have.” – Nicole M., Laguna Niguel, California

“It has opened up new areas. I was particularly taken with the ability and techniques to open up new neural channels to the brain. I was surprised how quickly the benefits of the course come and added to my ability to assimilate facts, to understand them and convey them to others in my job. I learned about the course from the Internet. One gets bombarded with a lot of information today, but I always take close note of emails from Learning Strategies.” – Alistair McMurran, Dunedin, New Zealand

“The greatest benefit for me is that I have gained confidence in allowing myself to remember and being patient in waiting for the answer or memory to come up and I have quit saying negative things about my memory. I know that as I just take 10 minutes per day to do something from this course that it will bear much fruit. I am 74 years old and I am excited to be learning and growing.” – Larry Olsen, Wellsville, Utah

“I used to get really frustrated, because while I knew in my head what I wanted to say as soon as I started to speak, words would desert me, or I would forget crucial parts of what I had intended to say. Since using the Memory Optimizer and applying what I have learned, that’s all in the past! I can’t praise the program highly enough.” – Jenny Fletcher, Lane Cove, NSW, Australia

“Great work! I can now easily remember names and where I put things (before I almost always forgot!). I now easily learn new facts and processes, which helps a lot with my medical studies. Thank you for a wonderful piece of work!” – Blaz Banic, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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