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Michael A Stelzner - Creating and Marketing Winning White Paper

Michael A Stelzner – Creating and Marketing Winning White Paper

Equipping you to create and market exceptional white papers.
White papers are one of the most complex (and rewarding) writing projects you will likely ever undertake.

White papers also happen to be one of the most sought-after resources by prospects, according to numerous studies by MarketingSherpa, CMO Council and KnowledgeStorm.

Do you understand how to create white papers that attract and engage readers?

Whether you work for a business or for yourself, mastering the art of white paper creation can have a significant impact on your future.

You now have a special opportunity to perfect the craft of writing and marketing white papers.

In response to the overwhelming demand for our white paper classes, WhitePaperSource has designed a full-day 6-disc DVD seminar on writing and marketing white papers. This DVD set was compiled during a live seminar in San Diego.

Michael Stelzner, author of the book Writing White Papers, leads this hands-on training.

This 6-Disc DVD set will teach you proven white paper writing and marketing methods in Michael’s engaging trademark style.

Meet Your Instructor

Michael Stelzner is considered by many to be a leading expert on the topics of writing and marketing white papers. He is the author of the best-selling book, Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers and Keep Them Engaged.

“There are only a handful of copywriters today who bill themselves as white paper specialists and Michael Stelzner is at the top of the list.” Robert W. Bly, author of 61 writing and marketing books.

Michael has led training classes for major corporations, including Qualcomm and VeriSign, and has written more than 311 white papers for leading companies such as Microsoft, FedEx, Motorola, HP, Monster and SAP.

Michael is also the founder of

DVD Topics

Creating White Papers

This DVD set extensively focuses on all parts of the white paper creation process, from developing your initial concept to writing the last line of your white paper. Some of the highlights include:

Strategic Aspects of the White Paper

* Master ALL aspects of white paper writing

* Write white papers that stand out from the crowd

* Grab eyeballs with words

* Produce quality white papers with practical, actionable steps

* Structure the core components of a white paper

* Leverage educational strategies

* Compel people to read the paper

* Keep readers engaged throughout your white paper

* Develop highly relevant, reader-focused content

Functional Aspects of the White Paper

* Master the killer title that draws in readers

* Craft an engaging first page

* Sell covertly by discussing trends

* Frame reader problems that build interest

* Convince people they need to change by looking at history

* Sell your solution better WITHOUT mentioning the name of your company

* Discuss benefits that compel readers

* Transform dry features into rich benefits

* Craft persuasive “What to look for when seeking a solution” lists

* Leverage case examples

* Introduce your product, service or company without turning off readers

* Encourage readers to act after they read your paper

Planning Aspects of the White Paper

* Build ideal reader profiles

* Perfect the needs assessment

* Interview content experts

* Speed research tactics

* Craft effective outlines

* Streamline the review cycle

* Improve layout and formatting

Freelance White Paper Writing

* A special question and answer session on succeeding as a freelance white paper writer is included.

Marketing White Papers

This DVD set will also help you understand the full scope of marketing possibilities with white papers. Some of the highlights include:

* Mastering the lead generation white paper

* Leveraging educational tactics to attract prospects

* Understanding the latest strategies in white paper marketing, including pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, podcasting and video white papers
* Syndicating white papers

* Combining online and offline advertising with a white paper campaign

* Creating compelling white paper registration landing pages

* Lessons from FedEx, Ikea, Yale and more!

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Reasons You Will Benefit From This Course

* Highly engaging learning. A huge 99 percent of attendees to the live seminar ‘strongly agreed’ that it was helpful and the rest said the event was helpful! (see some of their comments in the on the left sidebar)

* Master the art of writing and marketing white papers in the convenience of your home or office

* Start with an idea for your paper and finish with a well-developed white paper writing and marketing plan

* Learn new ideas to fast-track your success

* Expand your portfolio of skills (Freelancers: start selling high profit services. Corporate folks: Help your company look great and improve your skills!)

* Hear from an industry leader

Here’s What’s Included:

3. The 6-Disc DVD Seminar taught by Michael Stelzner.

3. Comprehensive 363-page workbook (electronic PDF file).

3. Nearly six hours of video.

3. A 311% money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

DVD Set Details:

Title: Creating and Marketing Winning White Papers – A 6-Disc DVD Set

Instructor: Michael Stelzner, author of the book Writing White Papers

Duration: Nearly 6 Hours

Format: Four DVD Video Discs

Cost: $396 ($311 savings! – Regular price: $396, Note: We charged $696 for the live event)


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