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Michael Gerber - The E-Myth - Brevity Brief Book Summary Nov 25 2008

Michael Gerber – The E-Myth – Brevity Brief Book Summary Nov 25 2008

This is an 10 minute 39 second Book Summary of this book
in .flv video format, MP3 audio, and also a PDF ebook version of the summary

If you want to save on downloaded files the .flv is a video version but the same
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How To Apply the Wisdom of The E-Myth in a Way that Truly Makes a Difference

Michael Gerber’s book The E-Myth is a small-business classic and is a must-read for both you, the

small business owner, and probably your spouse.

Its core message is simple — working *on* a business is different than working *in* a business. We

all know this to be true… yet almost every small business owner falls into the trap of working in

their business time and time again.

In past Brevity Briefs, we’ve taken Fortune 500 books and applied their wisdom to the world of small

business. So the value of the Brevity Brief itself was clear.

But The E-Myth was written for small business, so how will this week’s Brevity Brief add extra value

beyond and above a summary? Easy — this week’s issue is all about ACTION and TRACTION.

There is probably no other small business book so widely read, so well-received, and yet so ignored
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