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Michi Kono – WSO Offline Lead Formulas

Michi Kono – WSO Offline Lead Formulas


Who Else Wants To Know The 6 Easy and Powerful FORMULAS I’ve Been Successfully Using To Generate A Never-Ending Flow of Quality Leads Without Making Endless Cold Calls That End In The “No Thank you”, Rejection?

Your Business Will Thrive in No Time when you Generate Quality Leads Consistently, each and every Month… this is how to begin on the path to success

Howdy Fellow Offline Gold Warriors,

My name is Michi Kono and I’ve been running my own successful online marketing consultancy in Australia for a while now. I must admit though, I was really struggling to get my business off the ground when I first got started…

Since I had a good set of Internet Marketing skills (website creation, SEO, video marketing etc..) and the ability to help out many offline businesses, I was really excited to begin receiving my new clients….

I was thinking that all I need to do to get my business off the ground is to find the first client, do a good job, then he/she will refer me lots of leads and everything will go viral from there. Sounded like a plan, boy was I mistaken! I mean I have been getting referrals but the number of leads generated from it is simply Not Enough to get my business running smoothly.
Quality Leads Are The Lifeblood of
Any Business – That’s A FACT!

I quickly realised I needed to spend my time (with as much efficiency as I could), finding different and more effective ways to keep generating quality leads – if I wanted to make my business prosper.

So I started to come up with new ideas and experiment with them. After tweaking my experiments for a while, I have discovered several sure fire methods to generate consistent quality leads that are eager to buy. I personally use all of these methods in my own consulting business and routinely enjoy converting 80% of the leads generated into sales.

I would like to share SIX of my proven formulas with you so that you can achieve a steady flow of super qualified leads to your business.

Let me be absolutely clear. These methods work in my business and they work in every business that has put my report into action.
You need a solid and proven lead generation system that generates pre-qualified prospects for your business continuously. That system needs to generate leads that are already pre-qualified and ready to buy your product or service. You want a closing rate of at least 50% and would prefer a closing rate of 100% on all new leads.

That is what I have discovered and what I want you to try in your own business. I want to show you how to use the quickest and easiest way to find leads you could ever imagine.

These leads are eager to do business with you. You don’t have to work very hard to turn these leads into clients because they already want what you are selling.

Of course there are downsides… Those methods are so effective that you can generate an avalanche of leads that you may not be ready to handle. I have figured out how to deal with that problem too, which I’ll share with you in the BONUS report. Too much new business is a problem that most businesses want to have. I’ll show you how to deal with the growing pains so you can achieve maximum growth in your business with your new lead generation methods.
Offline Lead Formulas

“Are Those Formulas Really Unique and Effective?”

I cannot tell you if my methods are all unique or not as I simply cannot know every single report available out there. But what I can tell you is that these formulas are what I personally came up with, and I know that THEY ALL WORK LIKE A CHARM because I’ve been successfully using them.

It won’t take long for you to digest this “No-fluff” special report. You can put it to use starting today. Imagine having an avalanche of qualified leads for your business starting tomorrow… That is what this lead generation report provides and why only a fool would pass up this opportunity.
Formula 1
The Foundation – Successful Lead Generation 101 (You MUST know this!)

Formula 2
The Autopilot Lead Generation – Formula 1 on Steroids (Those leads are so high-quality that your closing rate will be 100%!)

Formula 3
The Google Lead Generation – The Quickest Way to Find Leads Using Google (These leads are eager to do business with you!)

Formula 4
The Avalanche of Leads – Ultra Quick & On Autopilot (Don’t use this powerful method if you are not ready for the volume of leads who will be beating a path to your door!)

Formula 5
Strategic Obligation Formula – Bringing High-Quality Leads in Autopilot (My closing rate with the leads from this formula – 100%!)

Formula 6
Pain-Free Cold-Calling – Very Easy to Do and Will DRAMATICALLY Increase The Chance to Turn Those “Hard-To-Reach” Business Owners Into Your High-Quality Leads!
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