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Product Description:

Set up Google adwords account (in order to use Google keyword tool).What you should know about me before you join:
I’m here to empower you to believe and know that you truly can do anything that you put your mind to.
After 11 business failures and being $50,000 in debt invested my last $2,500 into a coaching program and it changed my entire life…forever. I invested in a coaching program that taught me the short cut to success and it changed everything. I went from being an overwhelmed, struggling, frustrated broke entrepreneur to learning skills that allowed me to create profits in ANY business endeavor. That’s when I learned how to create, market, and deliver webinars in 2010. With no email list and no money I started doing webinars.  I figured that all I needed to do was to help people who knew less than me. I had spent thousands of dollars learning Facebook marketing and I decided to take that knowledge, package it up, and teach people on live webinars.
In the beginning, I used what I now call my “grass roots” (free) method of getting people to watch my webinars.
Within 30 days, I make my first $5,000 and was able to pay my bills that month.
Within 60 days, I had broken 5-figures.
Within 90 days, my revenues climbed past the 6-figure mark.
Within 2 years I sold my company for over a half a million dollars and achieved the dream that I had set since I was a little kid.
Was it easy?
Heck no!
I rolled up my sleeves and got my butt in gear and work hard.BUT, I worked hard at a “proven system” and that was the difference. I’ve been using this one proven strategy over and over and over again… I simply teach amazing content for free on a live webinar and if the attendees want to work with me further…I let them. This simple webinar model has allowed me to do what I love, help thousands of entrepreneurs, and make over 2 million dollars (over a couple years, this is not a hypey brag)Week 1:

How to buy a domain name and set up web hosting, set up prosper202/CPV lab, do it right, and protect your online business from DDoS attack.
Week 2:
We will need content rich landing pages/blogs or advertorials to promote affiliate offers.

How to set up an awesome niche blog in 20min loaded with ClickBank offers.

How to set up Google analytics for website tracking and retargeting.

Set up Google webmaster tool.

Set up perfect audience ($120 credit to start currently being offered to new customers by Perfect Audience) re-targeting.
Week 3:
Step by step setting up multi option campaign in CPV lab to track each and every link on your blog (or any landing page or advertorial, heavy stuff).

Placing Facebook and sitescout retargeting pixels.
Week 4:
How to capture leads with niche blog or landing page.

Set up lead capture campaigns with CPV lab and prosper202.
How to set up follow up series in GetResponse (30 day free trial, then $15/month) using your branded email addresses.
Week 5:
Week 6:
Keyword research.

How to do PPC keyword research and PPV keyword research.
Week 7:
How to set up Bing campaign (track down to search queries) and PPV campaigns.
Week 8:
Campaign optimization.

How to optimize your campaigns.
Week 9:
This thread wont be updated for the next webinar, …
YouTube traffic, free and paid.

How to record videos for YouTube even if you are …
Week 10:

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