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Monopolize Your Marketplace – Remodeling Contractor Marketing Boot Camp

Monopolize Your Marketplace – Remodeling Contractor Marketing Boot Camp

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Price: $399

Nobody’s going to hand you business—you’ve got to get out there and FIGHT for it! Victory goes to the one with superior forces at the point of contact… and these 10 CDs will show you how to outsmart, out-think, out-wit, and out-market your competitors.

1. Ad Writing: The quickest way to increase sales is to write ads that work better. On this CD, you’ll learn how to eliminate platitudes so your ads are more powerful and generate 20% to 200% more leads.
2. Pre-Positioning: Increase your conversion ratio and sales price AND have your customers like you better by warming them for the sales appointment with a great pre-positioning package.
3. First Contact Scripting: What you say in the first 44 seconds after answering the phone can make or break the sale. Yea, really. Also learn the right way to make confirmation calls and watch conversion ratios soar.
4. Home Show Strategies: Don’t leave money on the table at your next show or event; use these proven strategies that lead to more conversations, more leads, and MORE SALES.
5. Generating Referrals: Just asking for referrals isn’t going to get the job done. You’ve got to understand why and when customers are most likely to give you referrals, and put systems in place to take advantage.
6. Web Marketing: Everyone’s always concerned about driving web traffic and generating leads. What almost nobody pays attention to is “conversionability.” If your site has it, the web will make you money. If not…
7. Yellow Pages: Sure it’s an outdated medium. But before you write it off completely, learn how to see if Yellow Pages is still worthwhile in your market, and if so, learn how to write your ad for maximum impact.
8. Micro-Marketing: An excellent primer on using direct mail to effortlessly pound prospects until they buy from you… including following up with unclosed leads, radius marketing, new movers, and “farming” neighborhoods.
9. Winter Sales Strategies: Just because the holidays are coming doesn’t mean you should expect sales to automatically plummet. Learn the strategies for keeping the phone ringing through Christmas, and your crews busy all winter.
10. Branding: You’re going to be spending money on marketing and advertising anyway, so in addition to immediate lead generation, you might as well get some long-term branding benefits as well. Learn how here.
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