Nathan Barry – Building Profitable Audiences

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We’re not afraid to say that our first Gumroad Creators Studio event was a success. Nathan Barry spoke on building profitable audiences and what he’s learned along the way. His presentation was followed by a chat with our own Ryan Delk and questions from the audience. There was delicious food provided by Chef Luis Estrada and a headshot studio courtesy of our new friends at 8:45a. The PARISOMA team was fantastic, and we look forward to our events with them in the future.

We’re also not afraid to say that we filmed the HECK out of the event. Caleb Wojcik would have nodded in silent approval at the sight of it all. Then… the unthinkable happened. The cameras and memory cards were stolen. Footage LOST.

However, a couple of the audio sources evaded the thief’s nefarious grasp, so they’ve been put together with the slides that Nathan used in his presentation. So please enjoy! Also, we’d like to think that somewhere, the perp is watching and re-watching the stolen footage and turning his life around. When you’re ready, friend, we’ll be happy to welcome you and your multi-tiered redemption memoir to Gumroad.

Shouts out to our friends at PARISOMA, 8:45a, and Chef Luis Estrada.

Nathan’s Photoshop for Interface Design is available now. Cut the fluff and learn skills you’ll use every day.

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