NATM – NodeTrader ATM Auto Trader

NATM – NodeTrader ATM Auto Trader

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NATM – NodeTrader ATM Auto Trader

We all know there are hidden areas of support and resistance in a market – NATM capitalizes on the trade points at these areas.

It’s like having a professional trader over your shoulder instructing you how to enter, take profit and close.

  • Precise Position Sizing included with each trade – automatically
  • Entries, stops, and targets are all taken care of by the strategy
  • Set daily loss limits, profit goals, trade times & stop trailing
  • Emotions are removed from your trading – fear & greed are gone


  • Automatic tools you need to trade profitably

    Stops, entries, targets, trailers, you got it all right there on your screen. Enjoy an an unemotional, rules-based, decision-making process.

  • Let us do all the heavy lifting – automatically

    A rule-based decision making process not only makes trading easier but it can be tested against historical price data to determine profitability.

  • Trade powerfully and with confidence

    Your trade and investment decisions are not influenced by rumours, poor fundamental analysis, news or questionable accounting.

  • It’s easier to trade with a smile

    Human emotion, consistently cited as a major contributing factor to poor investment performance, is eliminated.

  • Trade futures like you’re from the future

    Don’t live in the past. Leverage NinjaTrader now by engaging a software system to trade for you.

  • Did we mention lifetime support?

    Let’s face it – software is always being updated. We keep NATM updated so you don’t have to worry about it.

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