Natural Medicine Now Summit 2016

Natural Medicine Now Summit 2016 [Webrip – 44 MP4, 2 PDF, 1 RTF]

The Natural Medicine Now Summit is online and FREE from February 15-22, 2016
Will you continue to let your environment determine your health, or are you ready to take charge? Day 1 gives you a kick-start toward health. Learn what’s causing you to feel tired, stagnant, in pain and negative—and take control of it!
Are you in need of a detoxification of your mind, body and lifestyle? Day 2 will teach you to identify and begin to release the toxicity in your life.
Looking to improve how you feel day-to-day? Want a better memory? Brighter skin? A stronger libido? Day 3 will empower you to take action toward improving every area of your health and life.
On Day 4 you’ll learn to combat anxiety and autism, prevent osteoporosis, conquer menopause and say good-bye to disease—all with nutrition!
Our modern world is full of these health epidemics. Day 5 will teach you to fight these conditions with your most powerful weapon: food.
Delve into some of today’s hot topics—essential oils, sweeteners, smoothies and even hormone-disrupting chemicals and autism. Day 6 will help you participate in these popular conversations with the right knowledge.
Day 7 will give you the tools to face the challenges of the modern world. Stress, sitting at your desk, the epidemic of degenerative disease and living on the go–we’ll arm you with the knowledge you need to conquer it all!

Learn the RIGHT way to improve energy, focus, digestive health, manage your weight and reduce stress! Confused and overwhelmed with the 70,000+ health and diet information websites available today? The Natural Medicine Now Summit has your answers!
As a licensed naturopathic doctor and owner of a wellness center and health spa, Tiffany Jackson has found that people are confused and overwhelmed by the sheer amount health and diet information available today. It’s her mission to sift through the clutter to help you find a convenient and affordable way to create better habits and make healthy choices.
A few of the many things you’ll learn at The Natural Medicine Now Summit:
15-minute desk yoga sequence to help reduce back pain
Understand how to test for adrenal fatigue
Learn about toxins and how to identify them
Lifestyle choices that have a profound effect on health
Learn a daily detox supplementation program
Natural solutions for PMS, menopause and osteoporosis prevention
Top 12 hormone disrupters you’re commonly exposed to!
How to fuel your body to power through busy travel days
If you’re a health coach, a stay-at-home mom, grandparent, employee tasked with corporate wellness, medical professional or someone trying to understand undiagnosed health issues, you’ll want to learn more from Dr. Jackson during The Natural Medicine Now Summit.

Free Bonus Gifts
Understanding Adrenal Health Webinar & eBook
Free Gift 1
Understanding Adrenal Health Webinar & eBook from Dr. Kurt Woeller
Learn exactly what the adrenal glands are, if your adrenal glands are functioning optimally and how to address adrenal fatigue.

Understanding Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Webinar & eBook
Free Gift 2
Understanding Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Webinar & eBook from Dr. Tiffany Jackson
Learn how Chinese medicine herbal remedies, eating healing foods in season and acupuncture can help restore the body to balance.

Boost Your Immune System Naturally
Free Gift 3
Boost Your Immune System Naturally from Dr. Tiffany Jackson
This webinar will review simple diet and supplement strategies you can follow to beat these viruses in their tracks and boost your immune system.

Meet Your Host
Tiffany Jackson, ND, is an expert in natural medicine, uniquely trained to identify imbalances and toxicities in the body and the diseases they create. She earned a bachelor’s degree with an independent concentration in naturopathic medicine from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.
Tiffany sees herself as a health detective, specializing in identifying and healing chronic gastrointestinal disorders and immune dysfunction. Thanks to her unwavering passion for discovering the underlying causes of their disorders and diseases, she has helped patients realize that their suffering often stems from poor gut health and compromised immune systems. Her most common patients are healed of irritable bowel syndrome and chronic constipation; allergies; anxiety and depression; skin disorders such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis; ADD and autism-spectrum disorders; and even infertility. She also helps patients improve their overall health, lose weight, and pursue detoxification and body-cleansing programs. Learn more about Dr. Jackson at


DAY 1: Monday, February 15
Tiffany Jackson, ND
Healthy Mind and the Power of Positivity
What You’ll Learn –
Learn the importance of a positive mental attitude
Optimistic thinking and listening to your inner voice
Think positively to set healthy, attainable goals

Dr. Kurt Woeller
Adrenal Health
What You’ll Learn –
Are you suffering from adrenal fatigue?
Adrenal glands and how they affect your health
Understand how to test for adrenal fatigue

Ashley Bell, CYT
Yoga at Your Desk
What You’ll Learn –
15-minute desk yoga sequence to help reduce back pain
Improve your posture and decrease stress at your desk
Learn to leave your desk feeling more energized!

Tiffany Jackson, ND
Understanding Toxins and Detoxification
What You’ll Learn –
Detoxification and the liver’s involvement
Learn about toxins and how to identify them
Natural ways to eliminate toxins from the body

Carolyn Burson, Health Coach
Easy Breezy Healthy Recipes (Cooking Video)
What You’ll Learn –
Easy, healthy recipes for your on-the-go schedule
Recipes: Crustless Quiche, Mason Jar Oatmeal, Nut Butters
And more!

Bonus Talk with Dr. James Greenblatt
Dr. James Greenblatt
Integrative Approach to Treating Fatigue and Insomnia
What You’ll Learn –
Achieve therapeutic results with nutritional supplementation
Practical solutions to improved energy levels and mood
How to ward off symptoms of fatigue

DAY 2: Tuesday, February 16
Tiffany Jackson, ND
Living a Healthy Lifestyle
What You’ll Learn –
Importance of a health-promoting lifestyle!
Learn key components of a healthy lifestyle
Lifestyle choices that have a profound effect on health

Dr. Kurt Woeller
Understanding Thyroid Health
What You’ll Learn –
Thyroid disorders: Prevalent and often misunderstood
Understand thyroid function and lab testing
Specific diets and nutrients that affect thyroid function

Gary Craig
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
What You’ll Learn –
Achieve results to relieve stress, anxiety and painful feelings
Learn to use EFT in a relatively short amount of time!
Experience the benefits of EFT

Tiffany Jackson, ND
Understanding the Importance of a Daily Detox Supplement Program
What You’ll Learn –
Your body’s needed nutrients for detoxification pathways
Learn a daily detox supplementation program
Balance your body and optimize detoxification pathways!

Bonus Talk with Dr. William Shaw
Dr. William Shaw
Toxic Chemicals and the Increasing Rates of Chronic Illnesses
What You’ll Learn –
How toxins are accelerating the rate of chronic illnesses
Testing for 168 different toxic chemicals
Prevent exposure to toxins (and possible treatments)

DAY 3: Wednesday, February 17
Tiffany Jackson, ND
A Health-Promoting Diet
What You’ll Learn –
Is your body getting the nutrients it needs?
A diet that can play a pivotal role in preventative healthcare

Dr. Kurt Woeller
Men’s Health
What You’ll Learn –
Hormones and how they affect energy, weight, mood and libido
Importance of male hormones and prostate health
Lifestyle factors and nutrients to optimize male hormone levels

Ashley Bell, CYT
Yoga for Neck and Back
What You’ll Learn –
Do you have aches regardless of how active you are?
Yoga stretches to strengthen your neck and back
Prevent chronic neck and back problems in the future

Tiffany Jackson, ND
Clean 14 Detox Diet
What You’ll Learn –
Learn a practical and preventive detox diet plan
Increase your energy and improve sleep
Improve digestion and help your skin glow

Tiffany Jackson, ND
Top 15 Brain-Boosting Foods
What You’ll Learn –
Foods that keep your thinking skills sharp and memory intact
Foods that protect against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
Foods that are rich in compounds that nourish your brain

Bonus Talk with Dr. Matt Pratt-Hyatt
Dr. Matt Pratt-Hyatt
Overview of Genetic Testing
What You’ll Learn –
Genetic testing as the future of healthcare
Test for 140 genes and SNPs in specific pathways
Learn the biochemical pathways involved in genetic testing

DAY 4: Thursday, February 18
Tiffany Jackson, ND
Correcting Nutritional Deficiencies
What You’ll Learn –
Do you consume a diet inadequate in nutritional value?
Nutritional supplementation to achieve good health
Basic building blocks of a nutritional supplement program

Dr. Kurt Woeller
Women’s Health
What You’ll Learn –
Importance of hormone balance and breast health
Natural solutions for PMS, menopause and osteoporosis

Tiffany Jackson, ND
Natural Approaches for Anxiety
What You’ll Learn –
Why the anxiety epidemic grows larger every day!
Discover many natural solutions for anxiety
Vitamins, minerals, mind-body techniques and calming teas

Tiffany Jackson, ND
Detox Your Home
What You’ll Learn –
Did you know how many toxins are in your home?
Learn to identify toxic items in your home!
Tips to create a healthy, toxic-free home

Tiffany Jackson, ND
Benefits of the Paleo Diet
What You’ll Learn –
Why you want to eat like a caveman!
Paleo to help you lose fat and stay healthy
Benefits of healthy fats and properly sourced animal products

Bonus Talk with Julie Matthews
Julie Matthews
Special Diets for Autism and ADHD
What You’ll Learn –
5 diet pitfalls that plague parents and clinicians
Common misbeliefs about special diets.
Nutrition boosters suitable for all children and adults

DAY 5: Friday, February 19
Dr. Chris Nagy
Heart Health
What You’ll Learn –
How systemic inflammation plays a role in heart disease
Learn to prevent heart disease with your diet
Steps you can take to have a healthy heart

Tiffany Jackson, ND
Healthy Weight Loss: 10 Steps to Balancing Blood Sugar
What You’ll Learn –
Obesity is a serious epidemic!
Importance of blood sugar balance and the glycemic index
Decrease food cravings and manage your appetite

Tiffany Jackson, ND
Ten Minute Meditation for Stress
What You’ll Learn –
Focus your mind to relax and improve mental awareness
Stress reduction, memory improvement and better sleep
Enjoy a 10-minute meditation to help reduce your stress levels

Tiffany Jackson, ND
Daily Detox Diet Guidelines
What You’ll Learn –
Detox guidelines for your everyday life
How to keep your detoxification pathways functioning optimally

Tiffany Jackson, ND
Fifteen Superfoods for Optimal Health
What You’ll Learn –
What are superfoods?
Superfoods to incorporate in your daily diet
Superfoods to help prevent diseases, maintain weight and stay sharp

Bonus Talk with Dr. Matthew Cavaiola
Dr. Matthew Cavaiola
IgG Food Sensitivity and Disease
What You’ll Learn –
Is your food making you sick?
How diet affects your immune system
Learn how your food choices create inflammation in the body

DAY 6: Saturday, February 20
Tiffany Jackson, ND
Understanding the Importance of Gut Health
What You’ll Learn –
How the gut plays an essential role in maintaining your health
Learn the impact the gut has on your immune system
Ways to keep your gut in good shape

Tiffany Jackson, ND
Guide to Natural Sweeteners: The Good and the Bad
What You’ll Learn –
Are there safe sweeteners?
Artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, agave, coconut sugar and honey
Difference between the good and the bad sweeteners

Tiffany Jackson, ND
Understanding Essential Oils
What You’ll Learn –
How essential oils can help you relax, sleep and digest
Learn how essential oils can benefit your health
Using oils: inhaling, diffusing and applying them to your skin

Tiffany Jackson, ND
Toxic Products That Mess with Your Hormones
What You’ll Learn –
Harmful chemicals in bottles, cans and cosmetics
Top 12 hormone disrupters you’re commonly exposed to!
How toxic products affect your body (and how to avoid them)

Carolyn Burson, Health Coach
Healthy Kitchen Makeover & Smoothie Demo (Cooking Video)
What You’ll Learn –
Are you ready for a kitchen makeover?
Learn practical kitchen organization ideas
Watch how to make a healthy smoothie

Bonus Talk with Lori Knowles
Lori Knowles
A Compelling Story of Autism Recovery
What You’ll Learn –
Foundational biomedical therapies useful in treating autism.
Symptoms in children who may benefit from biomedical interventions
How biomedical therapies work with educational therapies

DAY 7: Sunday, February 21
Tiffany Jackson, ND
EcoHealth Approach to Preventing Disease
What You’ll Learn –
Explore the three pillars of EcoHealth
Learn the six organs of elimination
Infrared Sauna Therapy, Migun Massage and ionized water

Tiffany Jackson, ND
Being Healthy at Your Desk
What You’ll Learn –
Do you sit down at a desk for most of the day?
Healthy snacks to keep at your desk
Increase your health and well-being at your desk!

Ashley Bell, CYT
Connect with Your Breath
What You’ll Learn –
This amazing power of your breath!
Breathing techniques for the office and home
Relieve stress and worry, calm your body and quiet your mind

Tiffany Jackson, ND
How to Make a Healthy Green Smoothie
What You’ll Learn –
Most smoothies do your body more harm than good!
Make a balanced green smoothie with protein, carbs and fat
Health-boosting recipe to keep you full for hours

Tiffany Jackson, ND
Eating Healthy While Traveling
What You’ll Learn –
How challenging is it to maintain a healthy diet when traveling?
How to fuel your body to power through busy travel days
Making wise choices at restaurants and fast food chains

Bonus Talk with Dr. Denis Wilson
Dr. Denis Wilson
Identify and Treat Low Temperature Syndrome to Change Your Life
What You’ll Learn –
Strong indicators for Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome
Low and hypothyroid symptoms despite “normal” lab tests
Body temperature is a reflection of your metabolism

DAY 8: Monday, February 22 : Encore Day

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It’s the first time when in a summit the host speaks most of the time and has only one or two guests each day. Maybe she likes to listen to herself

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