Niches In A Box

Niches In A Box

From: JP Schoeffel
Dear Smart Marketer,
ead this letter closely, because I’m about to tell you the secrets building a real online business and making more money than you thought possible. But first I need to ask you a question:
Has your marketing business taken off the way you thought it would?
Let’s face it, for most people that just doesn’t happen. Research indicates that something like 92% of online marketers fail to make any money at all. Maybe you’re in that 92%?
Pretty hard to run a business when there’s zero cash coming in huh?
I don’t know about you, but I certainly didn’t get an instruction manual when I decided to start an online business. And that’s the real problem. It’s not like we can go to our local YMCA and take an evening course in PPC or SEO or whatever, so a lot of marketers find themselves struggling…
There’s just so much to learn…SEO, PPC, SILO, Blackhat, Whitehat, Adsense, HTML, CPA, Affiliate programs….the list goes on and on. Trouble is, for a marketer who’s just starting out, none of that stuff means anything so it comes down to trial and error to try it all out and see what happens…
You don’t need me to tell you that trial and error is hardly a solid business model…

Wasting Hours and Hours Of Your Life Trying To
Learn Every Marketing Technique Under The Sun

But it gets worse than that. If there were just a set amount of stuff to learn, that would be one thing. But trying to learn all this stuff when everything is changing and people are altering the rules left and right, man that’s almost impossible. This week’s hot SEO tactic gets you banned from the SERPs next week. Who can keep up with that?
It’s enough to drive you crazy, it really is. When I was first struggling to make a buck online, the constant changes and rumors of how things should be done had me pulling my hair out.
I felt like I was just being pulled in all different directions. It was very frustrating. One moment I’d make a little profit from Adsense, and the next week my entire site would disappear from the Google result pages. Sites I’d spent weeks working on were just gone. Every bit of work down the drain.
The scary thing is that before I got into online marketing I worked as a very successful professional marketing and business consultant…if I had trouble in my early days, how could a normal regular guy hope to make money online?
And this really bothered me. The thing I love about the internet is that it makes everybody equal. So everyone should be able to make money from it if they want to.
So I decided to set up a completely unique system. Something that’s foolproof. Something so simple that you could take a random guy off the street, put them in front of it, and they could make money.
It seems like a simple enough goal doesn’t it? There are plenty of tools around that can produce websites and blogs on demand. But I wasn’t happy with something that just spat out simple static sites. I wanted sites that could be flexible – incorporating blogs or videos or whatever the site owner needed. After all, in this day and age anything produced to stick to a set of “rules” or whatever is going to be out of date and worthless within about 3 months of release…so I started looking for the right tools.

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