Nido Qubein Complete Collection

Nido Qubein Complete Collection

How To Succeed In Business And In Life (six CD set)
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Success is not a matter of luck, an accident of birth, or a reward for virtue. As this six CD program outlines, success is a matter of decision, commitment, planning, preparation, execution, and recommitment. This program is the complete plan for achieving professional excellence and enjoying personal fulfillment covering the following strategies for your journey from success to significance:

Decide to Succeed
Values, Principles and Rules of Conduct
Commit to Succeed
Follow Your Vision
Plan Your Success
Prepare for Success
Gain Mental and Emotional Balance
Gain Social and Spiritual Balance
Motivate Yourself
Execute Your Plan
Recommit Yourself
Step Up to Success
How To Communicate Like A Pro (six CD set)
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Between business people, in group discussions and private conversations, communication means everything. Nido Qubein, consultant to the nation’s top corporations, shares his techniques for successful communication in person, on paper, and on the podium. Your power to influence the lives of others in the world around you is as great as your ability to communicate. At home or at work, today’s great communicators have more impact than ever before. This 12-session, six CD program is guaranteed to teach you how to communicate effectively in today’s busy marketplace. You’ll learn:

How to Become a Master Communicator
How to Get People to Pay Attention to You
How to Boost Your Audience Response Rating
How to Help People Understand You Through Images
How to Connect Through Stories
How to Break Through Communication Barriers
How to Listen Perceptively
How to Target for Maximum Impact
How to Target Results
How to Give an Effective Speech
How to Put More Power in Your Writing
How to Communicate in the Information Age
“Nido has condensed the essence of effective communication into an easy to use, simple, practical series of ideas that can be used anywhere.” – Brian Tracy


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