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 NLP Comprehensive's Portable Master Practitioner Training On DVD

NLP Comprehensive’s Portable Master Practitioner Training On DVD


If you purchased the Portable Practitioner Training, or the earlier classroom version, you’ve enjoyed a thoroughly edited, polished, and cross referenced NLP Comprehensive Practitioner Training – a tool for both the neophyte and the master. The “Portable Master Practitioner” is the unedited video recording of our 20 day Advanced Training. It’s presented on 37 DVDs and a CD with the complete training manual. This Advanced Master Practitioner Training presupposes that you have had a thorough Practitioner Training – Look Inside-See “Images” for more detail! We really want you to be happy with this advanced program. So to be sure you’re ready, please take a look at what is already covered in our Portable Practitioner Training. As many students and reviewers have said, there is a lot of material already included in our Practitioner Training that is considered “advanced” by other organizations. If you’re not congruent that you really know the material and the skills taught in at least the first six sections of the Practitioner, you’re better off picking up the Portable Practitioner first.(see Here’s what’s included: o Section 1: Modeling with David Gordon o Section 2: Advanced Submodalities with Tom Best o Section 3: Meta-Programs with Charles Faulkner o Section 4: Beliefs with Adam Reynolds o Section 5: Adv. Language Patterns with Tamara Andreas o Section 6: Adv. Strategies with Charles Faulkner o Section 7: Self Concept Work with Steve Andreas And: o Appendix A – Glossary of Common NLP Terms o Appendix B – Additional Processes o Appendix C – Your Modeling Project You’re getting the complete unedited edition at a special price that’s available now. You will have everything that will be in the finished, edited version (and then some). For a good “Look Inside” click “See all 9 images” link to the left, and then Click Add to Cart & take advantage of this early bird version!
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