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Noah Kagan - AppSumo - How to do Less Work by Recruiting and Leveraging Interns

Noah Kagan – AppSumo – How to do Less Work by Recruiting and Leveraging Interns

Who here likes exploitation??


Who here likes it when it’s NOT called exploitation, but people begging you to “pleaaase give them some experience so they can get a job”??


You see Young Sumo-ling…a lot of people (and not JUST college students) desperately need experience in new fields, and they want to prove themselves.

These people are generally hired on as free interns, and many of them are VERY talented. It’s almost amazing some of them are willing to work for free.

This dense-with-material video shows how Noah Kagan successfully hires free interns to handle nearly every aspect of his businesses.

NOT ONLY can you find interns to do simple clerical work…but even much more advanced things like design, copy writing, accounting and whole bevvy of other things.

BUT BE WARNED MY SUMO-LING… You look like a jackass if you just say, “Hey I want someone to do web design work for my company for free.”

People HATE those requests and don’t respond. Learn how you can make it worth the interns time and benefit THEM…this will dramatically increase your response and make them WANT to work for you.

This video course is given by Noah Kagan (#30 at Facebook, #3 at Mint.com and founder of a host of companies) and moderated by Andrew Warner of Mixergy.com fame.

In just a few minutes you’ll learn all about getting free interns and how to weed out the crappy ones without spending any time on them.

P.S. This info is incredibly valuable for anyone who has too much on their plate with their startup and needs extra hands to help!


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