Nondirectionaltrading – Tradingology Home Study Options Course

Nondirectionaltrading – Tradingology Home Study Options Course

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Non Directional Trading

“Losing money becomes difficult if you know the rules of the game” Dave Foo

Tradingology Home Study Options Course contain over 24 hours of Video tutorials watch at your own pace, with more than 11 module + Bonus module


Free Ebook and Free 8 Video Tutorials (High Resolution Video)

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– Non Directional Trading Ebook

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– 1) Management by the Numbers (35 mins)
– 2) Closing Profits(5 mins)
– 3) System Overview & The Key To Success (13 mins)
– 4) The 4 Risks of This Business (9 mins)
– 5) Daily Review Sample (7 mins)
– 6) Expiration Week Review (6 mins)
– 7) Inside My Trading Account (7 mins)
– 8) Making Money Up or Down or Sideways (5 mins)

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Non Directional Trading

“Trading As A Business Means That You Make Money Whether The Market Goes Up, Down or Sideways. You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Business Before, I Guarantee It. If You’ve Tried Other Programs And Have Been Disappointed Because of A Lack of Results and Details, Then You Will Love This Training “


Learn Exactly How To Make A Monthly Income, Make A Killing In The Market
Whether It Goes Up Or Down, Day Trade With Confidence And Much

Dear Future “Traders”!Rather than hype the course and tell you how rich you will get in this page I want to get straight to what this course is all about, what it will do for you, what is included and how you’ll be able to access it.

Having been a traders and trainer myself, I have always been on the lookout for trading courses especially in the options arena, most options ebook or courses, or even seminar offer very little useful techniques. They will normally introduce what is options and go on to the more advanced spread. What is Iron Condor, what is Calendar Spread etc. What is more important than know just what it is, is how to apply it, how do you execute your 1st trade and what happen if market goes against you how do you adjust.

More common way is if you are bullish you can do a various kind of strategy and if you are bearish you have bearish strategy but what if you have no direction at all like me? A truely Non Directional Trader, than what strategy will be good? Maybe Strangle (but that may be too risky so maybe Iron Condor but winning % will be low since the strike is closer to the market.)

Before you purchase another ebook, course, seminar or even book, ask yourself the following

How do you plan your 1st trade if you have no view at all

How do you adjust your trade when market is against you so your trade can emerge as a winner again.





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