Nour Boustani – The Complete Guide To Branding Your Small Business

Nour Boustani – The Complete Guide To Branding Your Small Business

Nour Boustani – The Complete Guide To Branding Your Small Business

Name Product: Nour Boustani – The Complete Guide To Branding Your Small Business
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Author: Nour Boustani
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Course Description

Nour is a brand manager and art director, he works, lives and teaches in shanghai, china for almost 11 years, he had a great opportunity to spend years observing, learning and dealing with a fast growing economy and high consumers demanding market, where a lot of small and big businesses, old and new business, had to compete and stay longer or be diminished and get out of the market, this is where he had to learn the value of branding and how to build a customer loyalty focused businesses .

He continued his study in consumers behaviour and psychology, marketing and business, and combined all these skills with his formal education in design and visual communication to be able to dig deeper into consumers real values.

What Will You Learn From This Course :
In this course we will be walking through a journey of steps and process of creating a customers focused successful brand, we will begin by defining the core concepts of branding, the difference between brands and products strategy , analyze a case study of brand experience and how today consumer interacts with the market .

We will talk about how to design your brand strategy, you will learn how to create a strong vision, mission and unique selling proposition that appeal and attract your audience, once you have chosen your target audience you need to communicate your brand message to them through a meaningful story and match their self image through a brand personal archetype.

We will look at lot of successful brands such as Apple, Nike, Lego, Volvo and learn from them how do they communicate successfully their brand message with their audience emotions and desires.

In the fourth module we will move into visuals and design, you will learn why your logo design does really matter ! what does make a great logo and what does not ? , how to choose your color styles and communicate it with your audience visually, what does make a great photography and what should you avoid ? at the end we will put all the principles together and look at a case study to see how other small successful businesses created their own successful brands.

This course style of teaching will be highly focused on visuals, real life case studies and examples, i also tried my best to simplify such a complicated concept and make it interesting so you can easily understand, enjoy and learn at the same time.

What are the requirements?
Before you purchase this course PLEASE READ CAREFULLY the following :
This course will NOT be talking about how to create a social media page, google analytics, or quick tips and tricks on how to sell or … , there are a lot of other great tutorials that cover those subjects, in this course we will be focusing on the CORE FUNDAMENTALS of building a long life lasting brands that deliver value to the market, without these fundamentals we won’t be able to build a strong brand no matter how hard we try !
If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, this course will include all the knowledge you need to build a strong brand, don’t confuse your self with different materials ! focus on the class content, study them closely, once you understand all the aspects of this course, then you can move toward other materials.
The course is heavy of visuals and examples, a lot to cover in 90 mins, so you need to be 100% in focus, no multitasking ! make sure to grab a note book and a cup of a drink that you desire.
This course will be talking about different aspects of creating successful brand such as business, marketing, consumers behaviours and visual communication, so please keep an open mind, if there is something that you can not understand, you are more than welcome to leave me a message .
What am I going to get from this course?
You will Have a blueprint to follow to create your own successful brand which serve a specific type of target audience .
You will Have a solid understanding of consumers psychology and desires .
You will be able to create a brand with value, mission, purpose and personality to bring more benefits to your customers and gain their loyalty.
You will be able to communicate your products and services visually .
You will learn how successful corporation uses strategy and positioning to stand out from the rest of the competition .
Who is the target audience?
Entrepreneurs starting new small business their main focus on building a successful brand that acquire customers loyalty .
Small business owners who want to convert from no brand or product oriented business into long term brand .
Marketing and sells people who seeks a better understanding of consumer behaviour and visual communication .
Visual designers who seeks a better understanding of the connection between business, marketing and design .


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