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Oli Tee – Zero Down Traffic Blueprint-Addition

Oli Tee – Zero Down Traffic Blueprint-Addition

Zero Down Traffic Blueprint is goes over one of the most
powerful methods I’ve been secretly using to rake in over
$141,413 in just 90 days. We all know how HOT the “Traffic”
topic is in this industry right now.

Everyone is just going to grab the opportunity to learn how
to do six figures without spending a single penny on traffic,
or advertising.

It’s not just a traffic course, It’s an entire money-getting
system that internet and affiliate marketers can use to get
endless free traffic, build their list, and make money online
… for free.

This program is structured, and delivered to appeal to all
learning types. There’s a good mixture of concepts,
strategies, and actionable step-by-step techniques. In short,
there’s something for everyone.

I’ve personally used this system to launch several businesses
last year, that each pulled multiple 6-figures a month
consistently. Newbies can use this system to start from scratch,
and make their first profit online. Experienced marketers can
use this system to explode their profits, and take their
businesses to the ‘Next Level”. Sky is the limit with this system.
6 Reasons Why You Should Join

1. Cool Pre-Launch & Launch Prices
The cool thing about the pre-launch is that ANYONE, can
win… and it’s just not some silly prizes, I’m going all
out and giving away iPads, iPhones, massage chairs, and
lots of cool stuff.

Best part is that you don’t have to beat the other person
to win, you just need to meet the requirements. Also, I’m
giving away over $12,500 in free cash for launch winners.

2. Proven To Convert Like Crazy

In our initial 7-day test, it pulled in over $70k, and
converted slightly over 3.5%, with a $2.90 EPC. This was
with NO pre-launch, NO backend, and NO salesletter. We
just quickly put together a 40-minute video, and sent it out.
Can you imagine how high the conversions will be with our
pre-launch phase, and warm traffic?

Plus, the entire launch campaign, sales process, and sales
letter will have the input of some of the top marketers…
Also, my copywriter for this launch is the ‘secret weapon’
that most top marketers use for their launches. So rest
assured when you mail, the copy will convert… and it will
make everyone a lot of money.

3. Track Record For Successful Launches

A launch we did last year for one of our traffic generation
products brought in over $180,000 in just 30 minutes.
Another launch we did with just one partner generated
over $100,000 from a 1-hour webinar (no pre-launch,
people just showed up and bought).

In the last year, I’ve been involved with some of the
BIGGEST ‘million dollar’ launches, and this is set to be a
VERY BIG one this year..

4. Copy, Paste, Send, And Make Money.

This is going to be one of the easiest money you’ve ever
made cause everything is literally ‘Done For You’. All the
banners, email promotions, product reviews, everything.
All you have to do is load it up to your auto responder list,
hit send, and watch money roll in.

5. Reliable Tracking System

Clickbank will process the whole thing – so you’ll get paid
on time, every single time and get 50% on every backend
product, even the continuity program. No funny business,
or unreliable tracking systems!

6. We’ll Support You On Your Big Day Too

We have a track record of making our partners a lot of
money too. As a matter of fact, we’ve helped one of our
partners QUADRUPLE his business last year, and he was
already making $1.8 million a year!

Most of our businesses are built on partnerships; it’s
what we do best… And if you support us in this launch,
we’ll do the same for you on your big day.

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