Omega Male Program 2014

Omega Male Program 2014

Omega Male Program
Transform your dating and relationship life

Imagine… Having The Woman You Want, With The Life You Want:
It’s Masculine Intelligence® With Women (The Omega Male Program)

How much is it worth to you to even have the CHANCE to become this successful with women?

How much would it be worth to you to be able to have an ABUNDANCE of women in your life? $5,000? $10,000?

Imagine the new feeling of PRIDE-and satisfaction-you will have when you can approach a woman anywhere, get her number, and quickly create SEXUAL & EMOTIONAL chemistry. This kind of skill has more than just a few benefits…

I only WISH I had this kind of specialized knowledge years ago, when I was newly divorced and didn’t know talk to a woman to SAVE MY LIFE, much less ask her on a date or form a solid relationship.

Well, you can have it RIGHT NOW, and it can help you meet the beautiful woman that will almost CERTAINLY be walking through your life as soon as TOMORROW.
Here’s A Taste Of What You’ll Discover Only in the Omega Male Program…

A specific, elegant scientific equation which helps you balance your masculinity, in ways that will lead to maturity, happiness and your DESTINY as a real man.

Why passion in your career directly corresponds to your attractiveness and “relationship potential” with women (IMPORTANT: Being bored, lazy, or “fed up” with your career CAN and usually does HURT your chances with women in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stages of courtship)

Who you REALLY are (deep down inside beneath all of of your superficial “social programming”)

How one of the most revered novels in history, holds the key to your CORE MASCULINITY (and why knowing it can provide unrestricted access to a flood of self-esteem, value and ambition)

15 years+ of practicing psychiatry and studying behavior has taught Dr. Paul massive skills about people & relationships.

Specific diagrams of how the male and female minds interact with each other and connect during “courtship” (the dating process), so you can know EXACTLY what you’re dealing with…

Why being an “alpha-male” initially can SCARE AWAY the highest quality women (imagine the audiences response if Metallica started playing at an easy listening music concert)

Did you know that nearly all men MISS the first step of the attraction stage? I’ll show you why skipping this simple step will result in disastrous results in dating (and the bad news might not show up till later… after you’re already emotionally invested)

The unconscious emotional trigger that all women use to INSTANTLY classify men as either a lover or friend (Hint: it does not rely on money or looks… and when you know how it works and how to reveal it, women will feel COMPELLED to place you at the top of their “must have” list)

Instincts Vs Character – How your male, evolutionary INSTINCTS play the main role in attraction and how to carefully BALANCE those with the your personality, ethics and character (which connect to her emotional and higher brains)

The reptilian part of our brains is where men desire POWER, TERRITORY, SEX, and DOMINANCE – and how the women’s reptilian brain operates drastically different… which will infuriate feminists and the politically “correct”…

What women DESIRE at a passionate level (it’s not men to sleep with, jealously of other women or a successful career…)


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