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Online PR Made Easy-Marc Harty

Online PR Made Easy-Marc Harty

From: Marc Harty
Monday, July 7, 2014
Dear Friend,
The easy days of throwing content out on the web and reeling in web site traffic are gone. Google saw to that. So did wave after wave of “infoclutter” from the likes of social media.
The hard truth? Your business needs leads. Your business needs exposure. Your business needs business! Now what your business doesn’t need is to risk its future (and your livelihood) on the latest “bright shiny object” of the marketing world. After all, we all remember MySpace, right?
So what do you do? Where do you turn? The same place I did seven years ago. That’s when I discovered a foolproof web site traffic method that Google continues to love to this day. How many online marketing methods can truly say that?
Before I Reveal My Secret,
You Must Solemnly Swear…

You will use what you’re about to discover for moral and ethical purposes only.
You will not get angry at me if your server crashes because too many people try to access your site at the same time.
You will send me a testimonial (like the folks below) when you’ve put my traffic system to the test and see how it works. icon wink Home
If you can live with these three stipulations, then let’s move forward. Otherwise, stop here. Seriously. You will not want to read any further.
Okay. Still with me? Good.
Now lets talk about press release marketing and ALL it can do for your business.
How “The Halo Effect”
Can Immediately Transform Your Business

Like most savvy marketers you probably know that publicity is 7 times more credible than advertising? It’s true. With advertising, prospects have their defenses up. Publicity on the other hand is often seen as helpful news and information.
Nobody likes to be sold to. Yet nearly all of us like being informed, so we can make our own choices and decisions. Have you noticed what happens when you come across an interesting bit of news? We’ll even go out of way to share interesting news stories with colleagues and peers.
It’s a fact: online press releases are seen as credible sources of information.
Here’s what this means: you capitalize on two positive trends at the same time! While you’re gaining more and more control over how and where your content is distributed as news, more and more people depend on press releases for information!

Here is my proven 7-point formula for press release success:
#1. Headline Keep it brief!
#2: Summary 2-3 sentence summary of the subject/topic of your release.
#3: Intro paragraph Set the stage. Arouse curiosity to keep them reading.
#4: Body copy/quote Quote can be from you or a 3rd party.
#5: Body copy/support points 2-3 fact-based support points
#6: Call to action Encourage clickthroughs to a landing page
#7: About Standard overview of your company
That same 7-point formula is one of the cornerstones of the Online PR Made Easy System. And it’s one reason the system has gotten results from individuals, authors, consultants, small businesses, marketing professionals and more…

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