Options Trading High IQ Adjusting Iron Condor | 1 GB

Options Trading High IQ Adjusting Iron Condor | 1 GB

Website: http://www.optionstradingiq.com/adjusting-iron-condors/
COST: $768
Size: 1 GB

Despite what others might try and tell you (usually when they are trying to sell you something), adjusting Iron Condors is not rocket science. You don’t need some fancy system or training that costs hundreds of dollars, and trust me there are hundreds of websites run by slick internet marketers trying to sell these products. There is no special sauce when it comes to adjusting iron condors, all you need is a couple of different choices and a system that you stick to. I will outline a few of those choices for you here today (and you won’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for it!!)
When it comes to market neutral strategies, you can’t do much better than iron condors.

This options trading strategy profits if the underlying stock remains within a specified range. What hurts this strategy is sharp moves in either direction after the trade is placed. Sometimes, and it depends on the timing and how you have structured your Iron Condor, you can still ride out these big moves and be profitable.
However, at other times, these violent moves can have a negative effect on your position at which point you need to make a decision as to whether to close the trade and take your loss, or make an Iron Condor adjustment. These decisions should all be part of your trading plan and you should know what you are going to do in advance should a big move occur. What you don’t want to do, is close your eyes, cross your fingers and hope that the position comes back into profit. With Iron Condors, you can lose more than you make, so it is VERY important that you don’t let small losses turn into very big losses.


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