Paul Janka – Beyond the Digits

Paul Janka – Beyond the Digits

What I’ve Learned After Approaching 10,000 Women On the Streets of New York City Many guys claim they know how to pick up women.But most of their “advice” is anecdotal, it may have worked once or twice for them and they now proclaim their technique as “universal.”I’ve spent YEARS of my life, approaching woman of all shapes, colors, and ages, on the streets of New York City. I know what works and what doesn’t.

For instance…

You shouldn’t look at a girl for more than two or three seconds before you approach her, otherwise you’ll creep her out. If you stand around looking at a distance for more than a second or two… she’ll think you lack balls (which you do).

Second, DON’T introduce yourself by name, or put out your hand, that’s not necessary. Don’t say “Hi, I’m Paul,” those are both lame. A better line would be, “did you see the car accident outside?”

An even better approach would be to tease her in a friendly way…

Avoid A “Business-Like” Vibe At All Costs!
Successful pick ups have nothing to do with being formal, like saying your name during a formal engagement, such as a business meeting.

The other thing is, don’t make the interaction last more than a minute or two, otherwise it will probably get awkward. If she offers email, let her go, cause she’s just trying to put a barrier between you.

A little contact before you say goodbye is good. You can even keep the conversation as you’re walking away. It should be very casual. Don’t trip her, push her, or spit at her. Don’t tell her she’s beautiful.

Don’t take her out to dinner or buy her lots of stuff. Don’t take her on an extended loop (like five dates). Indicate that your interest is of a sexual nature. Don’t let her think you’re her buddy. Don’t spend a lot of time or money.

I know a guy who’s been on six dates with a woman, and she still won’t come up to his place… Take your grandmother out for six dates, not a woman you’re trying to get physical with.

I tell you this because I want you to understand that what I’m saying is NOT theoretical. My advice works across the board, and not just with me…

My Techniques Have Been Proven “In The Field”
And Work For Any Guy In Any Situation
The techniques I’ve developed have been tested on thousands of women in New York, by me and two other guys who are extremely good with girls.

Between the three of us, we’ve had sex with over 839 women. And that number goes up by double digits almost every week.

So when I say, “tested” I don’t mean that we’ve tried something out once. I’m talking about trying different approaches on THOUSANDS of women.

And the great thing about these techniques is that since they were verified by a group of guys, they are “universal” and will work for any guy, not matter his age, looks, income, or other variables.

There are other guys teaching “pick-up” that may be successful with women. But what they teach usually works only for them.

So when other guys say their techniques are “tested” or “proven” you might want to ask them how many girls their “theories” were tested on!

Guys that use my stuff get results because my system is “universal.”

“Beyond The Digits” Is 6 DVDs Packed With
Practical Secrets To Meeting Women
Let’s be clear. I’ve put EVERYTHING I know about pick up into the program. I don’t anticipate ever doing another seminar like this again. I didn’t censor anything.

My player buddies wanted me to “hold some stuff back,” but I didn’t. It’s ALL here.

It’s 6 DVDs that are JAM packed with over 12 hours of footage. And It comes in a beautiful black case that will look great on your shelf.

You’ll learn things like…

The correct way to pick up an ATTRACTIVE woman so that you make a good impression and increase the odds of getting her number.

What almost EVERY guy is doing WRONG when he goes out to the bar in hopes of meeting a woman on a Friday or Saturday night.

A jealously-guarded secret that most “pick up artists” DON’T want you to know.

What NEVER to say to a woman when you’re asking her for her phone number (if you do this it will SERIOUSLY damage her pride).

How to quickly and easily create an ATMOSPHERE that is conducive to sex (do this and she’ll practically be ripping YOUR clothes off).

The absolute best TIME to pick up a woman (she’ll be MUCH more receptive to chatting with you and giving out her phone number).

How to end your lonely weekends (wouldn’t it be nice to have MULTIPLE women wanting to spend time with you so you’ll almost NEVER be alone?).

A secret phrase that TURNS WOMEN ON.

A place you can go that makes it easy to create an INTIMATE physical and emotional connection rather than an AWKWARD conversation.

Boost your confidence by learning how to manage rejection (and a way to make meeting women fun—even if you’re getting SHOT DOWN).

The most important thing to do when you’ve JUST met a woman you’d like to date. Ignore this and you’ll lose her FOREVER.

How to ELIMINATE approach anxiety so that you can comfortably talk to a woman anywhere without sounding needy or insecure.

The secret to looking good has more to do with your FASHION SENSE than what you were born with. You’ll learn tips on how to dress that will make women drool.

How to develop a bullet-proof exterior that will allow you to pick up the hottest woman in the room without flinching.

My sure fire method for making sure that even if a woman FLAKES out on a date—that I’m still getting some ACTION that night.

The SIMPLE question that you can ask a woman that will let you know if she’s available. TIP: Asking “are you single?” will OFFEND her.

How to have fun, playful chat that makes a woman feel at EASE around you.

How to follow up with a woman so that it feels natural. Follow up too soon and you’ll appear needy—too late and she’ll IGNORE you.

Learn SUBTLE dynamics of the pick up that will clue you in on what she’s thinking, so you can effortlessly number close without risking rejection.

How to develop a rock solid frame so you’ll never be thrown off guard during a difficult or challenging pick up situation.

What to do when you get a woman back to your apartment so that she feels COMFORTABLE enough with you to take her clothes OFF.

You’ll discover how to quickly create a SEXUAL connection with a woman so that you don’t end up in the ambiguous and dreadful FRIEND-ZONE.

How to become IRRESISTIBLE to women so you can stop sleeping alone.

Examples of how to pick up women in different VENUES, from the coffee shop, to the supermarket, to the shopping mall and beyond.

How to make your masculine qualities stand out.

Real life stories of my successes and failures in pick up, including WILD situations that I wouldn’t believe if I didn’t see them with my own eyes.

And a lot more…

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