Paul Tilley – Gmail Zero Inbox

Price: $250

Just For: $30

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Product Description:

Your Gmail Inbox Can Be A Messy and Unfocus Place!

Or You Can Tame The Beast

And It Can Be A Place Of Focus, Calm And…
In this course you are going to learn how to tame the Gmail Inbox beast for productivity by using David Allen’s Getting-Things-Done model. We will:
Get Back To Basics: A Getting Stuff Done Overview

Turn Your MessyGmail Inbox Into Your Ultimate GTD Inbox

Get Zero Gmail Inbox…On Automation

The Best Gmail IFTTT Recipes

Gmail Labs and Features You Should Enable

Clever Tricks Built Right Into Gmail
At the end of this course:
Your emails will be organized

Your appointments will be organized

You can get more things done

You will have ZERO inbox

Your Gmail account will be clear and clean.
So by the end of this course you will be a Gmail Guru, an email whizz and productivity god! Well… maybe not all that but you will definitely be Getting-Things-Done in Gmail. It will no longer be a crowded mess every time you log-in but a place a calm and serenely just waiting for you to put it to work.

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