Paula Houlihan- Activate Your Money Magic 2014

Paula Houlihan- Activate Your Money Magic 2014

Name Product:Paula Houlihan- Activate Your Money Magic 2014
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Paula Houlihan- Activate Your Money Magic 2014
Invoking the Mystical Realms to Break Through Your Money Blocks! Calling all Lightworkers, Magic Makers, Energy Intuitives,Change Agents, Coaches, Healers and Goddessprenuers!

• Are you uncomfortable charging for your services? (Living month to month, juggling your expenses or making “just enough”
to get by)
• Maybe you’ve tried all the strategies and systems out there but despite your best efforts….you still feel stuck when it comes to
attracting more clients and making more money
• Do you generate a good income, but just can’t take your business to that next level?

If this is you, you’re in the right place.  Many Lightworkers struggle with these very issues.   And I know why… It’s because You have fallen under one of the BIGGEST illusions on the planet.  The idea that money is something separate from you!   That it exists outside of you and it’s something you have to “earn.”  Like most people, you’ve been conditioned to underestimate your power and you’ve made a choice (probably subconsciously) to believe in limits.

As a result, you are suffering from a disconnect between your spirituality your money (and you don’t even know it!).  You’ve forgotten who you are!  AND… You’ve forgotten the truth of the magic that exists inside of you, and all that surrounds and supports you.

How do I know?  Because I’m a Lightworker too and it wasn’t that long ago when I was where you are now.  I used to struggle with money.  I spent a lot of time and energy (frustration, anger and tears) juggling my finances to make ends meet. I was angry with money.  I worked very hard and earned a good income but had little to show for it.

I didn’t want to have to think about money.  It felt greedy and materialistic, yet I understood that I needed money to live and run my business.  I looked to money to provide what I really wanted – freedom.  Time to do what I loved and be with the people I care about and freedom from all the stress, worry and overwhelm I was under.  Sound familiar?

When I discovered what we’re going to reveal here, everything changed!

My business doubled then tripled my income.  I’m serving more clients now than ever before AND I have the time freedom and peace of mind that I craved.  I learned the magic money held for me and turned my financial stress and frustration into gratitude and joy….and abundance!  And I want that for you too!  You see… I’m on a mission to get money into the hands of the people, like you, who are here to make a positive impact on the planet and the people who live on it.  You have important work to do.  You want to make a positive impact in the lives of your clients, and in the world.  And you can’t do that . . . if you’re struggling with money.

Struggling with money prevents you from growing your business.  Period.
• It stops you from building your community, the very people who need what you have to offer.
• It causes you to secretly doubt your worth and your ability to help others (which surfaces as procrastination, delays in launching
your offerings and an ever present need for more training, self-development and certifications to feel more qualified.)
• It puts doubt in your mind (making you wonder if your business will fail.)

Let’s face it…you are in business to make money!  So that you can do the work that you love to do, support your clients (as only you can), give to the organizations and projects you believe in and live the life that YOU want…on your terms.

For years I denied my inner calling to help sister Lightworkers discover and embrace their gifts so that they, like me, could better help the people we are here to serve.  I was afraid of “coming out” as an intuitive, as an empath, and as a woman with magical gifts.  I feared that I would be judged and rejected.  I imagined that people would show up on my doorstep with pitchforks and torches.  Talk about scary!

The thing of it is, we all have fears.  We all face the scary question of “what if”.   It’s part of the human experience.  You want to know that it all will work out before you take that BIG step.  You want reassurance that you’re on the right track.  Sometimes you just can’t see the brilliance that shines within you.

That’s why I created this summit. I’ve called together 12 Inspiring Thought Leaders (including your’s truly) to support you, so you can activate YOUR money magic!  We’ve been where you are now. We want to give you the gift of a new perspective, one that will empower you so that you can take your business to your next level.  This summit will help you free your fears and bedazzle your brilliance so money and clients can find YOU!  We will explore…


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