Peak Performance Symposium - Dawson Church

Peak Performance Symposium – Dawson Church

The Latest Scientific Research is In.

Turns Out What We Thought About

Success Up Until Now… Is Wrong.

Join Us as 30 Internationally Acclaimed Researchers,

Authors, Athletes, and Experts Reveal the Latest Findings

on What it Takes to Be a Success.

What If Almost Everything You Learned about Success Up Until Now
… Was Wrong?

• If you feel overwhelmed, crushed by obligations, and silently wish you had more time for your
loved ones and your passions.
• If you’ve put your big dream on hold to work the job that pays the bills, but you know deep
down you aren’t getting any younger.
• If all the seminars you’ve taken haven’t seemed to fix the root of your problems and you’re
starting to wonder if this is all life has to offer you.

Then you have a choice:
You can stay stuck where you are, or become a Peak Performer and soar, because your success is only limited by one thing: WHAT YOU DO NEXT. Join us and discover how new scientific evidence and cutting-edge research from 30 international thought leaders in fields of health, relationships, finances, and career can help you succeed in ways you would never have guessed… until now.

The Peak Performance Symposium Shows You How to Attain Peak States
in Every Aspect of Your Life Including

• sports performance
• work performance
• money performance
• health performance
• spiritual performance
• love performance

Remember the class you took in school called “How to Succeed in Life 101?” Of course not. The class didn’t exist. You were launched into the world with your dreams bursting in your heart, a desire to experience all the beauty life has to offer, and an urge to offer your greatest gifts … but without any training in success or performance whatsoever.

You’ve probably stumbled a bit. Maybe you flat out crashed and burned at times. Many times. You may have even achieved great success in some areas of your life, which left you wondering why the h#ll you couldn’t just as easily pull it together in other areas. You might have blamed yourself for what didn’t work, or simply felt too overwhelmed to make a change — but the truth is, without proper performance training, you’re stuck with the only tool in your toolbox: trial and error. Ouch.

Do you really have 10 or 20 years to figure it all out yourself? Do you even want to learn each and every lesson in the school of hard knocks? Of course not. And why should you? You should be busy enjoying your life, not fixing it! Join us and discover the most exciting new scientific evidence and research in Peak Performance that you can start applying to your own life with immediate results.

You’ll Get Advanced Tools For

• Fighting the aging process and winning
• Investing your money wisely
• Doubling and even tripling your income
• Healing emotions from past traumas
• Increasing healthy hormones in your body naturally
• Overcoming fear
• Handling rejection and failure
• Creating massively bigger results without trying any harder
• Loving your life as it all comes together
• Creating positive inner self talk and peace
• Planning your life
• Pleasing your customers
• Avoiding success “blind spots”
• Clearing any subconscious blocks that would sabotage your success

Success Isn’t What You Think It Is

Wait… what? That’s right. The first thing you need to know is that the door marked “success” is actually mislabeled. Success isn’t what you think it is, and anyone who is selling you on your success is selling you short. How can that be??

Because you are ALREADY a success. You are the culmination of 3.6 billion years of life’s evolution. You can see in color. You are self-aware. You have language and tool use. You experience complex emotions and relationships. You can make art, make love, and even make civilizations. You are the greatest thing life has EVER MADE!!

So the real question, if that’s true, is then why aren’t you the happiest person in the world? I’ll tell you. It’s because: You simply haven’t mastered the peak performance skills that create success. You see, people think success is an end result, the finish line – the effect of the cause called “hard work” or “good fortune”. But really, success is the process that creates significant results.

Success Is a Verb

Imagine you’ve been given a brand new Ferrari. Yet, you keep it in the garage most of the time, or just use it to drive the 6 short blocks to the post office. There’s nothing wrong with that, but is that what a Ferrari is really for?? Guess what—YOU are the Ferrari. Your performance can be upgraded to the place you start enjoying your life in ways you never previously even imagined.

Real Success Is About How You Maximize Your Performance

Most people see high quality results and label the results as the success. But look at the basketball player, Michael Jordan. One of the most successful players of all time, right? But did you know he’s missed more than 9,000 shots in his career, and lost over 300 games? He is a success because he’s a peak performer. His wins outweigh his losses. His capabilities outshine the times he’s blown it..

So success is about what you do (and what you tell yourself) when you meet with failure—even repeated failure. Look at it this way:
• Success is about generating new ideas and applying yourself to follow through with them, even when everyone you know
disagrees with you..
• Success is about learning from your failures and reaping the benefits of experience so you do better next time.
• Success is about studying the ups and downs of successful people, so that you use their example to quickly propel you
to the top
• Success is about seeing failure through the right lens, as a stepping stone to a bright future, not as a problem.
• Success is about knowing how your body works – the neurons, hormones and neurotransmitters — so you aren’t
blind-sided when they change.

Success is really about creating and sustaining peak performance levels, which is a massive paradigm shift in the way the world thinks about successs Now for the first time in history we have ways of measuring and increasing your peak performance levels. Join us for the symposium and discover them for yourself!

So Why Should Peak Performance Matter to You, Really?

That depends. It may or it may not. If you’re happy with your life exactly as it is and you can’t picture it being any better, then it may not matter to you. Think of it this way:
• Would you like to experience twice as much energy and feel 10 years younger than you do right now?
• Would you like to enjoy a romantic relationship that never loses that spark of attraction that drew you together, even
20 years down the road?
• Would you be curious about how to create investments that allow you to retire much, much, much sooner
than you expect?
• Would you like to be able to make that risky career move, grab that investment opportunity, ask for that raise, work in
your ideal environment, and negotiate for what you want?

If so, these are all areas of peak performance where what you DON’T know really can hurt you. If you are misinformed, or even worse, uninformed, then you will never create a life that’s any better than what you have right now. Yikes. This is especially hard to swallow if you’ve already been trying really hard to achieve something you want and you’re still falling short. But even if that’s been your experience up until now, just take a deep breath here. The thing is, what came before doesn’t matter, because now you’re in the right place to get new results. Just one technique, one idea, one tool you didn’t have access to before truly can change your life. At the Peak Performance Symposium you’ll receive a heap of proven tools from some of the world’s most successful people.

Important Note: This is NOT Just another Seminar. This is NOT a Tele-Summit.
This is NOT a Crash Course in Self-Improvement

This Peak Performance Symposium is the equivalent of a week-long live conference with some of the top recognized thought leaders in the entire world on their subjects. If you attended this event on location, we could charge $10,000 a seat! But very quickly we realized that a conference of that kind would be largely inaccessible to the people who most need it, so we virtualized it, and opened the doors to you.

Now these international speakers all convene easily, right in your home, along side hundreds of thousands of participants from all over the world! You haven’t ever heard what these speakers have to say before. In fact, many of these experts are revealing their research publicly and telling their stories for the first time EVER in these game-changing, paradigm shifting interviews.

In this symposium you’ll question the limiting stories you’ve told yourself about how much you can achieve, how much you can earn, how fit and healthy you can be, how much pleasure it’s possible for you to experience, and how high a quality life you can expect. Your team of experts will guide you through the steps they followed to get there, making sure you don’t have to stumble over the same obstacles that tripped them up, allowing you to experience lasting fulfillment in every area of your life, and in record time. The Peak Performance Symposium is focused on practical tools you can apply in your life right now, all explained by experts who’ve developed and used them successfully. Their inspiring stories show how you can achieve extraordinary things with the right mindset, techniques and preparation.

Experience 34 powerful interviews from this event immediately when you download this file set. You won’t want to miss any of these powerful interviews that will allow you take full advantage of this phenomenal opportunity to improve in all areas of your life.

An Important Message from Your Host Dawson Church, PhD, About This Transformational Event:

Dear Fellow Free-Thinker,
The idea of a peak performance symposium has been simmering at the back of my mind for years. It’s one of those ideas that just wouldn’t go away. Why? I simply love breakthroughs.
I’ve watched people break through all kinds of limitations in my career researching the best ideas in health and healing. My website EFT Universe contains more than 5,000 stories written by people like you and me telling how they overcame challenges ranging from public speaking anxiety to tennis elbow to post traumatic stress disorder.
The theme that I return to again and again I call “Leapfrogging”. The idea is that there are breakthroughs that change everything. When a person, a company, or a society learns a leapfrogging technology, they leapfrog to a whole new level.
One example is cell phones in Africa. Most of the continent has no electricity or telephone grid, but with cell phones, you don’t need one. The trillions of dollars that Northern countries had to invest in electric, fiber optic, and phone grids in order to industrialize are rapidly becoming obsolete, so Africa can leapfrog over those investments as cell phone phones become widespread.
One of the most famous leapfroggers in the history of athletics was Roger Bannister. He ran the 4-minute mile, a feat that nobody believed possible at the time, leapfrogging over all the incremental improvements of the past.
A few years back we had no smartphones or tablet computers; we’ve now leapfrogged ahead to multifunction devices that seemed like science fiction fantasies ten years ago. We’ve also discovered psychological and spiritual technologies that can quickly alleviate problems like anxiety, depression, PTSD and pain.
In my own life, I had a major leapfrogging moment when I was 45 years old. I was having a session with a life coach and managing 2 businesses — one struggling and one booming – that between them had me at my desk 70+ hours a week. I felt exhausted and disheartened. Then my coach asked me to make time to meditate.
I told my coach, “I can’t possibly find the time to meditate.” But even as the words left my mouth, I knew that daily meditation was my most important next step. I started doing it every day, no matter how many papers had piled up on my desk at the office. That’s when everything changed for me.
Over the next couple of years, I learned about energy medicine, HeartMath, and EFT Tapping, and began to integrate those practices into my life. And my life changed radically!
When in high school I was so bad in math the teacher seated me in the very back of the class. Today, I edit a peer-reviewed psychology journal and critique the statistics of researh psychologists!
My successful business quickly hit six figures, and then topped seven figures. I finished a book that had languished in my computer for 10 years, then went on to write the best-seller The Genie in Your Genes, which won the award for Best Health Book (USA Booknews). I founded the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare to research the techniques that had changed my life so radically.
That’s where you come in. If I did it, so can you. I proudly created this entire symposium just for you. It’s the crème de la crème of everything I have learned about peak performance, all distilled over 10 days for your maximum benefit.
I’ve asked the very top experts in their fields to share from their hearts as well as their heads. They tell you how they leapfrogged ahead, and how you can too.
I have a passion for seeing people break through their limitations and unlock their full potential. I know you will experience many “Aha!” moments in the course of these interviews, and that consequently, your life will never be the same. Please enjoy this phenomenal experience with me.
~ Dawson Church

Did You Know These Truths from Peak Performance Symposium Speakers?

• Hormones affect men and women in profoundly different ways — and simple things you say to your partner
can actually increase or decrease the hormones that are responsible for their attraction to you. (John Gray)
• There’s one simple thing you can do that helps you increase and maintain heightened creativity more than
every other factor combined. (Malcolm Gladwell)
• Bootstrapping works! You can become successful when you have zero money to start with. (Tellman Knudsen)
• You can learn to de-escalate an argument with your spouse instantly – before you reach the point of no return.
(Donna Eden and David Feinstein)
• There’s now scientific proof that positive emotions raise your immunity. (Howard Martin)
• There are 2 subconscious ways you block money that you can clear immediately right now. (Margaret Lynch)

But we realize that Peak Performance isn’t for everyone. (Some people feel intimidated by change of any kind, even positive change.) So if you’re not sure whether or not you would benefit from joining us, here’s how to know if this symposium is a fit for you.

The Peak Performance Symposium is NOT for you if:
• You are perfectly happy and content with your life just as it is
• You tend to make excuses rather than do what would really help you
• You prefer to stay stuck in negative emotions and their consequent self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors
• You prefer to avoid personal development in favor of just being entertained by the culture at large
• You are interested in your dreams, but lack the courage to live them
• You’re not a self-starter; you prefer to just go along with the crowd
• Cutting edge thoughts and ideas don’t appeal to you
• You aren’t all that interested in breaking bad habits
• You prefer comfort over positive change

Are You Ready to Take Your Life to the Next Level?

Note: If this entire event were held in one physical location, we could charge $10,000/seat for a week with these internationally recognized speakers. But there is no cost to you to hear them all from the comfort of your home once you download this file set! Experience 34 powerful interviews immediately… and you won’t miss any of this powerful information! Download this file set now to take full advantage of this phenomenal opportunity.

During the Peak Performance Symposium:

You will question the limiting stories you’ve told yourself about how much you can achieve, how much you can earn, how fit and healthy it’s possible to get, how much pleasure it’s possible to experience, and how high a quality life you can expect. Your team of experts will guide you through the steps they followed to get there, making sure you don’t have to stumble over the same obstacles that tripped them up, allowing you to succeed in record time.

These Are The Experts Who Will Catapult Your Life to New Heights:

Malcolm Gladwell THEME: BUSINESS
• What key action is undertaken by those underdogs who prevail in conflicts?
• What counterintuitive about the balance of power in conflicts?
• How do you know you’re on the tail of a hot new idea?

• Why our conscious minds are so smart and our lives still don’t change
• The 3 ways the subconscious mind learns
• Our unconscious is full of self-sabotaging beliefs

John Gray, PhD THEME: LOVE
• State of a man’s brain and a woman’s at end of the work day is very different
• Magic words a woman can say to uplift a man
• Magic actions a man can take that lower a woman’s stress

• Placebo effect has worked even with some genetic disorders
• Your biggest challenge is to think greater than you feel
• What is the single greatest ideal I can present to the world today?

• How taking responsibility is the starting point for growth
• How avoiding danger attracts it instead
• How awareness widens the number of options available to solve any problem

• Reversing disease: How good can it get? How healthy can we become?
• Genetic changes occur quickly with lifestyle change
• Why stress cuts 9 – 17 years off your life span

• The 5 mechanical practices that train your brain to absorb positive experiences
• Turn up the volume of the kinder voices inside of you
• Our brains are like velcro for negative experiences

Howard Martin THEME: LOVE
• Creating enlightened business partnerships
• Youthening hormones (DHEA) and aging hormones (cortisol), both created by emotion
• Walking through the door of appreciation

Sandy Forster THEME: MONEY
• When circumstances force you to make money
• Seriously embraced the Law of Attraction (LOA) and became a millionaire in 5 years
• You don’t need money or connections to be successful

Eric Edmeades THEME: LOVE
• Why evolution evolved women to talk and men to stay silent
• Why emotional connection is more important than logic
• The importance of rites of passage at key points in our lives

Jack Canfield THEME: ONEY
• How do you know when it’s time to make a career change?
• Creating a thought that you plan to think in order to replace negative thoughts
• The 4 things you can do to keep team members engaged

Karen Donaldson THEME: WELLNESS
• Solutions that look good on paper rarely work in practice
• After we lose weight, why do we gain it back again?
• Many emotions feed in to eating: boredom, loneliness, anxiety, frustration

Dr. Erin Shannon THEME: SPORTS
• Mistakes don’t define you – unless you allow them to
• On game day, you must let every other thought go
• You don’t have to be the most talented, you just have to out-work everyone else

Bill Bradley THEME: SPORTS
• Falling apart during the first of 7 crossings of the Grand Canyon
• Listening to bad news makes you overestimate the odds of risk
• You can accomplish a lot more than you might believe

Boyd / Warburton THEME: SPORTS
• How a tiny amount of negativity can sabotage performance
• Printing out images to create a vision board of desired outcomes
• Putting your team in a situation where they will win

Margaret Lynch THEME: MONEY
• The two things subconscious ways you’re blocking money
• Imagine if your goal wants you as urgently as you want it?
• The picture your soul paints: What if you could make a bigger impact?

• Building Relationship Capital; Generosity Pays
• Don’t Invent a New Model, Instead, Inventory Your Assets Instead
• How Insomnia Led to a $300 Million Business

Hanke / Warburton THEME: SPORTS
• What champions do willingly what others won’t do at all
• Honest self-observation is step one
• How it feels to go from being a guy on a team to national champion

• How manual work connects us with the natural world
• Setting boundaries with your email inbox
• The leverage produced by social entrepreneurship

Gregg Williams THEME: SPORTS
• The secret to quick recovery after setbacks
• Mental toughness precedes physical toughness
• The 3 keys to finding and keeping the best people

Jessica Howard THEME: SPORTS
• Developing consistency as a peak performer
• Where does the spark of inner fire come from?
• How to identify a flaw without going negative

Jessica Ortner THEME: WELLNESS
• We don’t learn to cultivate a relationship with our own bodies
• You collect information that confirms your beliefs
• If it is not pleasurable, it is not sustainable

• Drawing amazing performance from within when you’re under pressure
• We remember our failures and forget our successes
• How awareness differs from self-consciousness

Arielle Ford THEME: LOVE
• You are already connected with your soul mate. Fill your consciousness with that.
• Love may not happen on your time table
• Have you created time for a mate? Space?

Tellman Knudson THEME: MONEY
• Bootstrapping: Becoming successful when you have no money to start with
• The most powerful e-list building strategies
• Abandon being realistic:.. get excited about unreasonable goals

• We’re constantly receiving divine guidance, but we blank it out, like a dream we forget
• Why guidance doesn’t give us messages in neon lights
• We say we want something, but then competing thoughts sabotage our goals

Eden and Feinstein THEME: WELLNESS
• How to de-escalate an argument before you reach the point of no return
• Gratitude keeps the relationship fresh
• When your relationship gets in trouble, the first thing you do is STOP

• The 4 basic commonalities of all transcendent experiences
• At the exoteric level religions appear different
• How do you find a lifestyle that integrates your higher purpose into your everyday life?

Marci Shimoff THEME: LOVE
• Success leaves clues. Model your behavior on success
• What’s the most loving thing I can do for myself right now?
• Experiment for one day: connect with every everyone you come in contact with

• The epiphany of seeing the Earth from space
• The survival of consciousness after death
• It takes matter, information, and awareness to describe all the properties of our universe

• The impact on your life when financial worries go away
• The monstrous illusion of money managers
• The paradigm that has made the most money in the stock market

• The “Approach State” of moving toward challenge not avoiding it
• Cooperation not competition is the new survival strategy
• How to keep a clear head when under extreme pressure

Catherine Garceau THEME: WELLNESS
• What’s much more difficult than winning an Olympic medal?
• How to notice your body’s messages to rest
• How to know the voice is your intuition and not the committee of critics in your head

Meet Your Host Dawson Church
Dawson Church, PhD. host of the Peak Performance Symposium, is the author of the best-selling book The Genie in Your Genes, which shows how your thoughts and feelings affect your body down to the level of which genes are turned on and off (Best Health Book, USA Booknews). He collaborates with many of the best-known luminaries in health and wealth creation, such as those featured here. He has been fascinated by the possibilities of expanding human potential since he was a child. As CEO of Energy Psychology Group, he coaches organizations and teams to push past their boundaries. He is also the executive director of the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare and has published dozens of papers in peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals.

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