Perry Belcher – China Importing Secrets

Perry Belcher – China Importing Secrets

Dear Future Importer,

Do you want to become an international importer? Are you worried about making mistakes that could cost you all your profits? Do you wish you had a team experienced experts at your disposal to lead you every step of the way?

If you’re thinking about getting into the import-export business this may be the most important three minutes of your life.

The import-export business is extremely lucrative, exciting and prestigious, but there are tons of pitfalls and if you’re worried that you might lose your shirt in this business, you could be right.

Without the right information and being armed with the right tools, it’s easy to lose big in the import business. But once you know the tricks of the trade and the ropes, you could possibly make millions and mostly using other peoples’ money.

That’s what makes the import-export business so attractive.

You’ll hardly meet anybody who is successful in this business who is not WILDLY successful, and I mean making crazy money.

Most importers are tight-mouthed. They don’t tell anybody about what they do or how they do it. They don’t want anybody else in their business; they don’t want anybody else making the money that they think they can make.

“I’ve Imported Millions”

My partners and I have personally imported millions of dollars worth of merchandise. I’m not a guy that sells courses on how to import and makes a whole lot of money selling a course; I think that’s a bunch of bull.

I actually do it everyday. I bring in ten to 12 containers of brand new products to the United States from China, Viet Nam, South America, Columbia, and other places like that every year; sometimes it’s even more.

My friends bring in hundreds and hundreds of containers, and I’ve asked them and quizzed them and learned everything that they do, too.

So I am pretty much of a repository of information and as far as I know I’m the only guy that’s ever been willing to share.

“A Million Ways To Make a Million Dollars”

There are a lot of different models in importing. People import to be wholesalers, and that’s the most common model; that’s been going on for years.

In the last few years new import business models have emerged, retailers like Old Navy and The Gap. They bring in products directly from overseas and sell them in their stores at enormous markups. If you’ll notice the little mom-and-pop, five-and-dime stores are gone and they’re never going to come back again because they didn’t catch onto the import bandwagon.

You have to think. It’s not only in clothes. You can do it in shoes, toys, or any particular item that one might retail. There are tons of other ways to retail products, but the margin is so enormous when you go directly from import to retail you dominate whatever market you’re in; you just totally slaughter it.

You’ll Learn How To Source Products Globally”

Next, we’ll move onto where to source products from. There are a lot of different ways to get your products, and you don’t necessarily have to go to China to buy them or even another foreign country.

We’ll talk about how to use the Internet to source other foreign companies in China and other countries. I’ll tell you the best countries to import goods from depending on what kind of product it is, if it’s high tech, no tech, or low tech.

“My Small Quantity Importing Secret”

We’ll talk about cottage industry. This is one of the most exciting parts of import for me right now. There are certain countries in Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Thailand, and other places, where, instead of having big factories where they make things, they lot the work out to small houses and small families that do work for them.

You’ll just have one little central place and then a bunch of homes do the work.

Where this really comes in handy is making odd amounts of a lot of products. When you go to China to import something, you’re going to have to import a fairly large quantity of things and they don’t like to mix up the styles a lot.

When you’re using cottage industry, they’ll make onesies and twosies of a lot of different things for you. It doesn’t work for every industry but I’ll tell you the ones where it does work and I’ll give you some of the success stories where I’ve used cottage industry.

“Hire Dirt Cheap Designers and Profit”

You would be surprised at how much money there is in this business if you go directly from design to manufacturing. I’ll even show you how to get designers to build circuit boards for me and design electronic products for only a couple hundred bucks each.

There is more than one way to import and there is more than one thing you can import. It’s not just products. I import labor from a lot of different countries to support my import business for products.

“Beware of The Broker –
Avoiding Rip-offs”

In the next section I’m going to talk about how to not get ripped off by middlemen. Everybody is going to want to help you once you get to China.

There are brokers and freight brokers and translators and middlemen, people who want to work for you to source products, and people who want to do all sorts of things.

Most of them have a real, genuine intent and they’re actually good people. But boy, there sure are some people that will take you to the cleaners.

“The Future is Import To Internet”

Recently I bought a product in China, brought a container in and started selling it on the Internet before the container ever landed. By the time the container landed at my door, I had sold a full third of it and paid for 100% of the merchandise.

The rest was complete profit. That’s over $100,000 in pure profit and I risked somebody else’s money to do it, not mine. I’ll explain exactly how I do that, too.

The way I sell the majority of the product I import now, though, is by the Internet. It seems to be the easiest, most efficient channel to distribute Asian products. I’ll show you exactly how I do it and how much money I make doing it and how you can do it easily.


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