Pete Godfrey & Alexi Neocleous - Masters Of Conversion

Pete Godfrey & Alexi Neocleous – Masters Of Conversion

Pete Godfrey & Alexi Neocleous - Masters Of Conversion

“Elite Training Event Boosts Your Conversions, Ignites Your Sales, & Gives You The Keys To The Money Vault.”
“Imagine What Your Life Could Be Like Right Now, If You Only Knew How To Boost Your Conversions on Your Emails, On Your Landing Page Opt-Ins, On Your Sales Pages… In Fact … If You Could BOOST Conversions & Sales Right Throughout Your Business … What Kind Of Life Could You Be Living?”

Master of Conversion Event the likes of which you have never seen…

– Jen Sheahan…Her clients are Frank Kern, Tony Robbins, and Eben Pagan…and she is the “go to gal” for facebook traffic.

– Alexi Neocleous is one of the leading direct response freelance copywriters and strategists in Australia.

From the website: ” …Another client returned over $100K from a simple four page letter Alexi wrote him. And yet another client has enjoyed a 22% response rate on the sale of a $2,500 annual fee membership program – cultivating a substantial 6-figure income for his client year-in-year-out.”

– Pete Godfrey, AKA “The Wizard of Words”..The Secret COPYWRITER NO ONE KNOW ABOUT…and one of Australia’s Most Successful copywriters….reveals his deep secrets for Making A Fortune With Email

last but not least…

The Last EVER Visit By The Godfather Of Direct Response
Ted Nicholas

Plus…Mal Emery, the Dan Kennedy of Australia
And many more!…

I could go on and on…but I won’t..

I’m pulling my last resort weapon out my hat and…

DARE YOU to read the sales letter and not be remotely impressed.

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