Pinterest Traff Avalanche

Pinterest Traff Avalanche

Finally, A Solution to Getting 10,000 – 100,000+ Organic Monthly Visitors to Your Blog, With Only 30 Minutes Work a Day, Guaranteed!

Are you currently working your tail off on your blog, trying desperately to grow an audience, but feeling like nobody knows you even exist?
Have you just started your blog or website and are lost looking for the best way to get people to actually visit it?
Are you sick of all the traffic “experts” imploring you to use Facebook ads to drive traffic… as if you have a $1,000 a month budget just lying under your bed??
Have you already spent HOURS optimizing for the “turtle race” that is Google SEO traffic, only to be beaten out by the thousands of other blogs fighting for the exact same space?
Are you ready to gets tons of organic traffic to your blog and see massive growth FAST?
Oh my. Have we got something for YOU…
What if we told you that you could…
Generate THOUSANDS of new unique visitor views your first month for FREE…
Add hundreds of contacts every day to your current email list for FREE…
Become a leading expert in your niche in just 3 short months…
Finally, get some serious RETURN on all the work you’ve been putting in!
It’s no joke peeps… Check out what our fellow bloggers are saying…


Pinterest users are NOT your average website visitors…
Pinterest users are an amazing demographic of people:
  • They spend more money than ANY social media per day (yes, even Facebook).
  • They are FULL of kind and wonderful people who leave comments and share your blog (they truly are AWESOME).
  • The majority of users make over 50k per year, and 10% of users make over 125k per year.
  • They are 47 million plus STRONG and grew by 24% in 2016.
  • They are SHOPPERS and are there looking for things to BUY.
  • The majority of Pinterest users have a college degree and higher education.
Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche shares the exact secrets, methods, and insider tips that took our niche blog from unknown to a Pinterest Powerhouse, which eventually led to us being able to quit our jobs and work online full-time!

In our step by step e-course, Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, we’re going to show you the exact strategies we used to get our little, unknown health and fitness blog,, to a 300k+ unique views per month powerhouse.

And not only do we generate over 10,000 views per day, we grew our email list to over 25,000 people in less that 6 months. We also get around 300-500 new Pinterest followers a DAY – that’s 9,000 – 15,000 per month! This creates a steady stream of growth to our blog, sales pages, and bottom line.
Here’s exactly what happened when we implemented these Pinterest Avalanche techniques into our business…
As you can see, in the first 2 months of running our blog (October and November), we had virtually no traffic.  Once we began implementing our Pinterest Avalanche strategies in December, things changed almost overnight…
In July, we had a weight loss pin go MEGA VIRAL and generate us 990,000+ views in ONE month!  It was INSANE, and that was when we realized the TRUE untapped potential of Pinterest for our blogs.
As you can see, it’s not linear growth.  This is due to the nature of Pinterest and the “virality” of content.  But if you pin the best content have the right strategies in place, you WILL continue to grow.
P.S. This is ALL Pinterest traffic.  No ad spend, no Facebook, and no Google traffic.
OK, How about list growth??

If you’re a blogger, you probably already know about the importance of a list. We started our list in September of 2015, when we started our health and fitness blog.

We use a combination of scroll mats and links on our website and pinning content directly to our opt-ins.
You Will Learn How To:
Set Up Your Pinterest Profile
Set up your profile for success, including using SEO to increase your reach and visibility.
Automate Traffic with Pin Scheduling
Continuous traffic while you’re sleeping, traveling, etc. with automatic scheduling.
Design Your Own Custom Pins
Create show-stopping pins that represent your brand and have the best chance of going viral.
Collaborate on Group Boards
Increase your traffic without tons of followers when you collaborate on group boards.
Track Progress and Access Analytics
Improve your strategies when analytics that show you exactly how your content is performing.
Use Pinterest for Email Collection
Grow your list faster than ever when you use Pinterest to directly collect leads.
And SOO much more!

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