Portal Feeder training and software

Portal Feeder training and software

PortalFeeder Tools And Software Help You Maximize The Performance Of Your Online Business

If you are serious about making an income online, then just getting a web site designer to build you a web site and hoping that potential customers will find your site on the Internet (from among the millions of other competing sites) is very unlikely to be a strategy that will help your business succeed.

To gain search engine prominence in today’s highly competitive online market, you need to have knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), belong to one or more networks of like-minded individuals who are happy to share with you ideas and information that can directly improve your online business performance, have access to professional training and support, and employ a variety of powerful, time-saving and effective tools and software that can help you leverage your business-building and web site promotion efforts.

All of this is available in a single, online community called PortalFeeder.

Portal Feeder is owned by three leading and extremely successful Internet Marketers, each of whom is well-known and highly respected in the areas of internet marketing, training and software development.

In other articles, I have reviewed and described the benefits of being a Portal Feeder member in detail. For more information on this area, see the following entry on my blog below:

Why You Should Join PortalFeeder

In this article, I want to describe in more detail some of the other tools and software that PortalFeeder.com members receive with their membership at no additional cost, as well as the extremely powerful Portal Feeder application itself, which allows you to quickly create quality web site portals, manage and publish content easily and automatically, and put out web sites that can not only rank highly on search engines, but also provide you with lasting revenue streams.

Below, then are just some of the proprietary web site promotion tools that you will have exclusive access to as a portalFeeder.com member. Keep in mind that all Portal Feeder tools are easy to download and come with step-by-step instruction videos, downloadable PDFs and comprehensive online help guides.

>>> Web Site Promotion Tools <<<

The following tools allow you to take your web sites to the next level by maximizing your link building effectiveness:

=> Portal Blog Feeder

Allows you to get one-way links to your web site or blog quickly and easily. Portal Blog Feeder allows members to submit linked articles into an integrated network of over 500 blogs and not only quickly get one-way links, but, more importantly, attract search engine spiders … fast!

A unique and really powerful feature of the Portal Blog Feeder software also ensures that articles submitted to multiple blogs are not penalized by Google’s duplicate content penalty.

=> PortalFeeder Link Exchange

One way links to your web site are one of the most important aspects of promoting any web site. The PortalFeeder Link System makes this extremely easy. You simply submit your site to the system and then insert a simple piece of php code on your web site. Immediately, you will start getting market-related one way links back to your site in a slow and steady manner.

=> Portal Article Feeder

Portal Article Feeder allows you to share your content with other members of the PortalFeeder community to get one-way links, while automatically gaining valuable content (i.e. articles) for your own site.

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