Pristine – Trading the Pristine Method 2

Pristine – Trading the Pristine Method 2

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Your Foundation to a Path of Financial Freedom

Learn to Trade – Swing Trading Strategies – Day Trading Strategies – Investing in Stocks – Candlestick Patterns
(Interactive Home Study and/or online with live Instructor)

Since 1994, The Trading the Pristine Method® (TPM) seminar has provided people just like you the stock trading education they need to achieve success in the markets through every market condition. For over 20 years we have successfully taught thousands of day traders, swing traders and investors.

Whether you are a novice starting out, or you are experienced in the markets, Trading the Pristine Method® provides you with the comprehensive training you need for trading and investing with a path to success.

In this comprehensive 2-day seminar, you will learn our timeless technical analysis-based, price action-based, method that you can apply to day trading, swing trading, and long-term investing, regardless of the instrument you trade. What we teach is a proper method that you can use every day, year in and year out (not indicators-based; we don’t sell indicators that quickly become useless).

Thousands of traders and investors just like you have repeatedly voted Pristine’s education to be the best. Trust your trading career and financial future with experienced trading professionals, effective educators and a time-tested method to support you throughout your trading career and/or retirement.

You Will Learn:

  • How you can read, interpret and decode fear and greed in any market using only Technical Analysis
  • Pristine’s arsenal of proprietary candlestick chart patterns to use in any market condition
  • Pristine’s 7 Building Blocks to Trading Mastery
  • The key to maximizing 2-5 day swing trading opportunities
  • Pristine’s unique Point System to rate the quality of a trade set-up PRIOR to execution
  • When, where, and how to place your entries, targets, plus protective and trailing stops
  • The power of using multiple time analysis
  • Pristine’s Buy and Sell Zones
  • The “Pause That Refreshes” technique
  • Pristine’s 4 Transitional Phases for utilizing trend changes
  • How to use Minor and Major Price Support and Resistance areas without the need for subjective indicators… and much more.

Trading the Pristine Method Program Includes:

  • TPM Home Study – Lifetime, 24-7 interactive Home Study
  • TPM Live Course PLUS retake– 2-Day Online Course with Live Instructor
  • 3 months access to TPM Coaching – 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month
  • 1 month access to Pristine’s Day & Swing Trader Newsletter
  • Detailed Course Manual of over 300 pages
  • PLUS! PRISTINE SRS! A Computerized Learning Program just for TPM Click for more

When you become a Pristine Trained Trader, you have the confidence of knowing you are never alone. Pristine students have access to continuing support to insure that you understand and can effectively use every detail of what you learned. Together, we will keep you on track to accomplish your financial goals and take your trading or investing to whatever level you desire.

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