Private Network 2.0 - SeoPubAcademy - $297 Course - Save Your Private Blog Networks Now!

Private Network 2.0 – SeoPubAcademy – $297 Course – Save Your Private Blog Networks Now!

Since Google is deindexing many PBNs, I thought its good to share how to save your PBNs. This guy is reputed SEO guy from Warriorforum and I think its a good course.


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Course Content

Why A Private Network
1.0 – Introduction – Private Network 2.0
2.0 – Finding Domains
I walk you through how I find domains, and most importantly, how I evaluate whether a domain is worth buying or not.
2.1 – Finding Your Domains (Video)
Watch over my shoulder as I comb through potential domains and go step by step through the process I use to evaluate them.
3.0 – The Auctions
A few quick thoughts about my auction techniques and mentality.
4.0 – Web Hosting
Once you buy your sites, you need to get them setup on hosting accounts. What to look for, what to avoid, and a list of my preferred web hosts.
5.0 – Building Your Network Sites
My philosophy and techniques for building network sites. You even get to watch over my shoulder in the videos below as I setup a network site from scratch. Probably the most valuable part of the whole training course.
5.1 – Footprints To Avoid
5.2 – Harnessing Relevancy To Build Links (Video)
5.3 – WordPress – Manual Installation (Video)
5.4 – Securing WordPress (Video)
5.5 – Basic Site Setup (Video)
5.6 – Filling Out Your Site (Video)
5.7 – Dress It Up (Video)
5.8 – Another Example (Video)
6.0 – Organizing The Chaos (Video)
What domains did I buy? When do they drop in my account? hosting accounts, logins, what site is linking where? It can all get very confusing. I help you to organize it and even share the spreadsheets I use to keep even the largest networks very simple to manage.
7.0 – Some More Link Types (Video)
Just burying links inside the content of articles is not the only way to utilize your private network.
8.0 – Quick Reference (Video)
A couple of checklists to keep handy, so that you do not have to constantly go back through the previous content of the course.
9.0 – Monitoring Your Network (Video)
How do you know if your sites are down? I show you a free way you can monitor every site in your network daily.
10.0 – To Spank Or Not To Spank?
No. This is not about Adrian Peterson.
11.0 – Finding Writers
Content, content, and more content. You can write it yourself or use this method to find relatively inexpensive, but quality, writers for your networks.
12.0 – Let’s Go Social (Video)
Taking your network to the next level
13.0 – Directories (Coming Soon!)
14.0 – A Network Of Brand New Domains (Coming Soon!)
15.0 – Juicing Up Your Network (Coming Soon!)

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