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Product Description:

When You Finish This Training, You’ll Have a Proven Plan For



…That Generates AT LEAST 200% More Sales and Conversions from the List You Already Have (Even If It’s Tiny)

In this master class, you’ll learn:

– How to create the PERFECT promotional calendar for your business… (Do this right and you’ll see revenue AND engagement hockey stick straight up!)
– How to make sure your emails actually make it to the inbox… (HINT: practice poor list hygiene and your deliverability will suffer.)
– How to use proven tricks to get MORE opens and MORE clicks from even your most engaged and loyal subscribers…
– Which goals and metrics you should be tracking on a day-to-day basis to measure your Email Marketing success…
– List “CPR”… How to clean and revive your dead (or nearly dead) email lists and get them opening and clicking again!
– The 4 “magic” email copywriting questions (and why answering these 4 simple questions will practically write your email copy for you)
– Queuing the Click: 6 psychological tricks to get your subscribers primed and ready to click the links in your email
– THREE segmentation strategies that actually work and ensure that you’re only emailing your perfect prospects! (This is how to send multiple campaigns and offers without BURNING up your email list)
– The two most important questions to answer before triggering ANY campaign to a new subscriber (Get this wrong and the next button they click could be Unsubscribe… or worse – Spam)
– Email Indoctrination: The perfect welcome email and campaign to start building real relationships with your new subscribers and turning them from strangers into friends.
– Campaign Mapping: How to find and duplicate your most successful marketing campaigns (so you always know what you’re promoting and when you’re promoting it)
– The only 4 reasons people buy from you (and how to leverage them to generate more sales from your email marking efforts)
– The 9 sneaky tricks that triple your email open rates (and when to use them)
– Campaign Creation: The 5 types of email campaigns you should be using in your business (and how to Storyboard and craft each one).
– 3 must-use tools to monitor your email deliverability (and make sure your getting into the inbox)
– …and much, MUCH more!

In short, Certified Email Marketing Specialist (a.k.a. “Email Masters”) are able to effectively monetize any email list, while simultaneously increasing engagement with leads and customers.

What You Get:

– The Email Marketing Mastery Course
– 7 Core Modules
– 46 Video Lessons
– 4 Handouts
– 7 Quizzes (one for each module)


Price: $495

Just For: $55

Buy Here: http://offercourse.com/product/product-ryan-deiss-email-marketing-mastery-class-certification/
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