Ben Burns – Practical Project Management

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Ben Burns – Practical Project Management
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Ben Burns – Practical Project Management

Ben Burns – Practical Project Management


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Project Management is process, & process is king. Welcome to a practical, proven way to manage profitable projects & create great experiences for your clients.

Learn how to make more money by running jobs more efficiently.

What if you could have a happy client at the end of every project?

What if you could feel confident when someone asks about your process?

What if you could actually figure out how to delegate & spend time doing what you love?

Now I can not WAIT to share what I’ve learned about managing projects..

See, I used to onboard a client to do a $50 logo, and it would be a completely new venture. I reinvented the wheel with every project. I just kinda went with the flow. This wound up flowing me right into no money. And with goals of starting a family, this started to stress me out in a major way.

I don’t think I’m alone here. I struggled with things like:

  • Clients asking for more and more revisions
  • Not getting paid on time, or ever
  • Unhappy clients at the end of the project
  • Not knowing when or how to hire people or delegate work

I can’t tell you how much referral work I probably missed out on because I didn’t hone and standardize my approach. This is a sure sign of unhappy clients. You know how it goes:

  • Clients disappear after the project ends
  • You never get to see the finished piece in the real world
  • That last payment takes a while to come in

I knew I needed to improve things, but I had no idea where to start. I looked up project management online… what a Google search, right?! There are so many different methodologies out there, so many different tools, and so many different opinions about how projects should be run, it was confusing to say the least.

I tried learning things like Agile/Scrum, Waterfall, Lean, and used pretty much every tool under the sun… but everything I tried seemed like overkill. Most of that stuff just added more work to my plate instead of actually helping me get things done.

If you’re like me, you need a practical project management framework that actually saves time.

You’re in the right place. What I’ve learned over time is that we need to manage our projects in a way that:

  • sets client expectations from the beginning of the project
  • aligns the internal team with a concrete but flexible process
  • submits work in a way that actually gets approval
  • manages feedback in a positive and nuturing way
  • delivers the work beautifully when it’s done

Eventually, working with clients became a well-oiled machine. I was able to give them transparency and access while still maintaining control over the relationship.

But then everything changed.

I started working at Blind and met Matthew Encina. Watching Matthew lead an internal team is like watching a an experienced conductor guide a well-rehearsed orchestra. Seriously: he’s Maestro status.

The more we collaborated on projects, the more I noticed our approaches overlap and eventually, we were left with a framework that wins: every. single. time. Our combined approach is really where the magic happens. And we’ve outlined it here:

Welcome to Practical Project Management.

This is the project management approach that we’ve used to manage million-dollar projects for clients like XBOX, AARP, Hudson Pacific Properties and more.

When you’re finished with Practical Project Management, you won’t just have a philosophy to think about. You’ll have actionable, tactical steps that are industry proven. Tactics and fundamentals that work regardless of what project management software you choose to use. We’ve finally opened the curtains and will teach you how to:

  • have ultimate transparency with your clients
  • maintain control in the relationship
  • get work approved faster
  • manage both freelance and internal teams
  • deliver work in delightful way

If you’re ready to make the most of every project, have time to do the work you really want to do, and start to scale your business by delegating, Practical Project Management will be great for you.

What’s Inside:

70+ Video Classes

Matthew Encina and I walk you through our entire project management approach, from onboarding to delivery, in over 70 video course lectures. Each lecture is packed with information, presentation materials, and is easy to digest.

Email Templates

We found we write the same emails over and over again. To save time, we decided to simply create templates that you can use with your clients and teams.

Work Approval Form

A form you can send to your clients when it’s time to sign off on milestones or entire projects. Get the peace of mind that the revisions are done.

After Action Review Worksheet

A simple, easy-to-use worksheet to help your internal team conduct retrospectives on each project after completion.

Bonus Content

Example One-Page Creative Brief

See how Matthew and Ben align their creative teams in this example one-page creative brief. No more confusion!

Delivery File Folder Structure

See how we deliver. Download a template file structure that you can use when you deliver your project files to the client.

Project File Folder Structure

See how we organize. Download a template file structure that you can use when you onboard a new client or project.

Imagine: finally feeling confident about your process.

Get the right tips, tricks and solutions from people who have been running creative projects for Fortune 500 clients for over a decade. Stop running jobs at a loss and have the time to work on what you love. Here’s the curriculum:

  • Ch 001 Introduction: Four Videos
  • Ch 002 Project Management Theory: Six Videos
  • Ch 003 Our Approach Overview: Two Videos
  • Ch 004 Client Onboarding: Five Videos
  • Ch 005 Onboarding Using Eleven
  • Ch 006 Internal Kickoff: Four Videos
  • Ch 007 Assigning Tasks: Four Videos
  • Ch 008 Check Ins: Five Videos
  • Ch 009 Submitting Work: Three Videos
  • Ch 010 Managing Feedback: Eight Videos
  • Ch 011 Danger Zone: Six Videos
  • Ch 012 Redirecting The Team: Four Videos
  • Ch 013 Getting Approval: One Video
  • Ch 014 Project Delivery: Four Videos
  • Ch 015 After Action Review: Three Videos
  • Bonus Email Templates
  • Bonus File Structures


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