John Overdurf – 2016 12 Daze Bundle

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John Overdurf – 2016 12 Daze Bundle

John Overdurf – 2016 12 Daze Bundle

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In years past we’ve put out very limited content from Trance of a Lifetime, so this is a first.  You’ll get to sit-in and benefit from a significant portion of this popular training.  What you’ll be learning is a synthesis of neuroscience, hypnosis, coaching, NLP/HNLP, and my 37 years of therapy, coaching and training experience.
This is not formal NLP or Hypnosis. Much of what you’ll learn you won’t find anywhere else.  The feedback I get is this is beyond the usual stuff, yet it has a clear, learnable structure and it is informed more by modern neuroscience and  experience..  Hypnotic coaching is art:  art which is an active, collaborative, relationship of transformation.
Each of the four parts include a full-out demonstration to put the principles being taught into action.  Together they flow into a major training you can experience in the comfort of your own home.   There is very little editing so you really get the look, sound and feel of all the spontaneous and transformative moments –
and there are MANY!

The four parts are:
1.  Intro to Shifting Habits of Attention
2.  Overdurfian Coaching In Action:  “Learning to Laugh to the Max”
3.  Stress & Fear Busters – Brain-Based Leverage Points to Short Circuit Stress Reactions
4. Transforming Values- Aligning Your Unconscious Blueprint for Living Your Life


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