Ken McCarthy – System Seminar 2010

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Ken McCarthy – System Seminar 2010
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Ken McCarthy – System Seminar 2010

Ken McCarthy – System Seminar 2010


From: Ken McCarthy
August 9, 2010
2:45 PM

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

In this letter, I’m going to share with you some of the highlights and big money insights from System 2010, the annual gathering of the word’s top Internet marketers.

First: I’m going to explain a simple formula you can use that thousands of successful Internet marketers employ to make millions of dollars each and every year, in good times and bad.

Second , I’m going to expose the single most destructive myth about Internet marketing that may be keeping you from enjoying the success you deserve.

Third , I’m going to reveal a surprising secret that every successful Internet marketer knows that is almost never shared in public – one you absolutely must know in order to succeed in this business.

Suggestion: Take the time to read this whole letter (it’s not very long.) You might even want to print it out so you can mark it up and take notes.

Some quick background

Every year for the past 16 years, I’ve sought out the sharpest real-world Internet practitioners, entrepreneurs who are doing the best, cutting-edge marketing work right now.

Very often, they’re not celebrities, gurus or the friends of gurus. Instead, they’re true “insiders,” serious players few ever learn about, let alone meet.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs would consider themselves lucky to encounter just one expert at this level in the course of their careers. For years, year after year, the System has been delivering them by the busload…

…And many are saying that 2010 was our best “crop” of real-life experts ever.

Here’s what our experts shared with us…

The real sure-fire formula guaranteed

to save you a ton of time and money

and quite possibly make you rich

Making money on the Internet always boils down to just two things: traffic and conversion…

TRAFFIC is “getting prospects to your page” and CONVERSION is “getting visitors to take actions that leads to a sale.”

> Traffic + Conversion = Profits

That’s it. That’s what really matters and that’s the formula that all the winning marketers focus on.

One of our most successful students, Lloyd Irvin, world champion martial artist and a fantastically successful marketer tells us this simple formula is what got him from “newbie” to where he is today.

That’s why we focus on the FORMULA relentlessly every year.

And it’s why every year – even today after all these years – I still talk to scores of Internet marketers, review hundreds of hours of recordings, read countless books and articles and travel thousands of miles to pick the right faculty for the current year’s System Seminar.

I have a very simple strategy: I want the world’s best traffic experts and world’s top conversion experts at the System – and I get them.

A surprise admission from a traffic genius

My good friend, colleague (and graduate of the first ever System Seminar), Perry Marshall is one of the world’s leading experts on the intricacies of the Google AdWords System.

All over the world, when top Internet marketers think “AdWords,” they think “Perry Marshall.”

Guess what Perry believes is the most important factor in marketing, online and elsewhere?

Here’s what he says.

“Copywriting is more important than ever before because regardless of how your message is delivered there still has to be a message. 99.5% of all ads you’ve ever seen mean NOTHING without words…The right words are still crucial…”


The biggest Internet secret

they dont want you to know about

Now here’s something very few people talk about…copywriting is just another word for conversion – and conversion is where the money is made in Internet marketing and all marketing.

The gurus really don’t want you to know this. Instead, they want you to chase after endless traffic schemes. They want you to believe the destructive myth that traffic is the most important thing in Internet marketing.

Having seen dozens and dozens of ordinary folks go from zero to six, seven and even eight figures a year, I can tell you with 100% certainty, it doesn’t work that way.

Words – the right words – are what do the selling on the Internet and its the selling that puts the money in your pocket.

Three top conversion experts together for the first time

you wont find this any place else

My success in online marketing comes from the fact that I’m a copywriter, a conversion specialist. I understand how to use words to sell.

I may not be the most technically adept person on earth (I’m not)…I may not know all the ‘ins and outs’ of SEO and PPC (I don’t)..and I may not be able to juggle a complex CPA campaign (I can’t), but when it comes to words, I can take care of business.

That’s why we’ve ALWAYS had copywriting featured in every one of our trainings.

That’s why we’re the ONLY Internet marketing seminar in history to ever have had copywriting giants Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy and John Carlton on our faculties at various times.

But this year, at System 2010, we took things to an even higher level with a copywriting/conversion faculty that together has over 100 years of experience between turning readers into buyers…prospects into customers…and visitors into bankable dollars.

Knowing whats in the minds of these three guys is the

quickest shortcut to achieving spectacular conversion rates

Drayton Bird Based in London, UK, Drayton has over 50 years experience as a direct response copywriter. Advertising legend David Ogilvy thought so much of Drayton, he not only bought Drayton’s ad agency, he also made him his International Creative Director and gave him the responsibility for training the copywriters and designers all over the 100+ office worldwide Ogilvy Mather advertising empire.

Bob Bly With a track record of over 30 years, Bob is the “copywriter’s copywriter.” He’s written winning ad copy for over 100 clients, authored over 70 books, and has trained literally thousands of people in the profitable art of selling with words. Not only is Bob a top ad writer, but also, like Drayton he has decades of experience transferring his expertise to others.

Ken McCarthy (Me) I’ve been writing for money since I was 15, my ad copy has not only sold millions of dollars worth of products and services, but has also launched more new businesses and careers that I can count.

Fact: Many of today’s best known Internet gurus are still, years later, relying on the original positioning I developed for them when they were brand new and unknown. Lots of people can write ads for existing products. Very few can create new businesses from scratch with nothing more than well-chosen words.

In the 16 years that I’ve been studying and teaching Internet marketing I’ve never seen a single Internet conversion tactic that hadn’t already been developed, tested and proven by traditional, “old school” copywriters years and sometimes even decades before.

If you’re looking for a massive breakthrough for your business, it’s not going to come from a technical trick or a guru’s “secret”.

The real secret, if there is just one, is knowing what good copywriting is…how to recognize it…and how to take advantage of over a century’s worth of accumulated money-making wisdom. It’s the fastest path to wealth and success there is – bar none.

You can have all the traffic you want if

At the System, we focus on conversion first because without conversion all the traffic in the world isn’t worth a darn.

> The reality is that its conversion that makes traffic valuable. Not the other way around.

“Traffic by itself is wind without a windmill…”

On the other hand, when you figure out – using traditional marketing methods – how to get the most value out of any particular Internet traffic flow, you’re then automatically in the position to get as much of it as there is.

Internet marketers who focus on traffic exclusively and neglect the conversion side of the business put in long hours but never get anywhere.

Everything you need to know about Internet traffic

Internet traffic comes from a few major sources:

* search rankings…
* paid traffic (including but not limited to Google AdWords)…
* joint ventures with list owners…
* article marketing…
* social media

Right now, social media is getting most of the attention and guess what? It’s the least effective way of generating business building traffic on the Internet.

The real powerhouses for generating massive amounts of profitable Internet traffic remain the “tried and true” methods of search and paid traffic.

This is the “secret” behind the vast majority of huge Internet success stories. That’s why we sought out real players who deal in this kind of traffic day in and day out on the highest level for our System 2010 faculty.

A low cost, zero-risk way to build

a sustainable independent income

Can you start a business in today’s uncertain climate and make it succeed?

You sure can. One reliable way is to buy Internet traffic low and sell it high, the essence of arbitrage.

Ben Moskel generates over $1,000,000.00 a year in affiliate commissions from traffic he gets from Google AdWords and other paid traffic sources.

His entire business is operated from an uncluttered desk on a PC with a fast Internet connection and two fat hard drives. If I hadn’t personally seen it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it.

> The secret sauce success story of a System seminar grad

Like many people, Ben’s inspiration for learning Internet marketing was working at a job he hated.

Even worse, it was a job he went to four years of college and three years of grad school to get only to end up in a low pay, high stress dead end. Sound familiar?

Then Ben stumbled on my free Pre-System trainings which gave him the foundation he needed to build a sideline income which in a short time grew large enough to let him safely quit his miserable job.

Here’s some of what he shared at System 2010 :

* Why, done correctly, affiliate marketing is the best way to not only start Internet marketing, but also to make maximum profits with minimum risk and super low overhead

* Where to find super cheap traffic even in 2010

* A surprisingly simple way to improve the profitability of your ads without changing a single word

* A fast, practically effortless way to multiply your affiliate income 2X, 3X and even 4X without buying any additional traffic

* How to figure out the best markets to work in and how to identify the best affiliate offers

The shocking search marketing secret

Internet marketers spend a lot of time and money attempting to master search. For certain businesses this is a good investment.

What’s shocking though is how many businesses that depend on search are using outdated methods, techniques that don’t work and strategies that can get their sites banned.

Bad information in this field is a plague and I’m not exaggerating when I say that finding reliable, ethical, truly knowledgeable sources has been one of the biggest challenges of my career.

That’s why I was so excited when my old friend Michael Campbell, who is one of the true pioneers of the field, pointed me in the direction of his colleague Mike Marshall.

> Introducing the new search gold standard

Mike Marshall is one of a small handful of ‘top gun’ search marketing experts who the biggest and most savvy online marketers call when they are serious about getting the job done.

Companies that have forked over big fees for his advice include AOL, 1-800-Flowers, WebMD, Sony and even the U.S. Patent office.

Mike is closer to the cutting edge of search technology than just about anyone else on earth (which is why the U.S. Patent office seeks out his expertise on a regular basis.)

At System 2010, Mike laid out exactly what these changes are, why they will derail most search marketers and how you can be one of the fortunate few to cash in on your competitor’s confusion.

* How to minimize the costly “trial and error” phase in search engine optimization that causes so most search marketing efforts to fail

* How Google’s revolutionary new personalization of search results completely wipes out the effectiveness of traditional optimization techniques and what to do instead

* A simple, little-known law from science that you can use to instantly improve the results of everything you do in search marketing and business

From unemployed to a bullet proof income

The twin hits of the dotcom crash and 9/11 put hundreds of wage earners out of work.

David Rothwell was one of them. Despite a strong background in IT (information technology) he was just one of hundreds of laid off computer professionals chasing scarce jobs.

To pay the bills he worked as a house cleaner, gardener, a delivery man and he even ironed clothes.

Then he discovered the Internet, specifically Perry Marshall; me, Ken McCarthy; and the whole System Seminar community.

> It pays to master the Internet

Today, David Rothwell is a Google Agency Partner and owns an AdWords Qualified consulting company and companies large and small jostle with each other for the right to exchange their money for his advice and expertise.

Recently, David was a guest expert at Perry Marshall’s $5,000 a seat Maui AdWords Elite Masters Seminar.

When Perry learned about the radically effective new online marketing techniques David’s pioneering, Perry insisted that David make the trip from the UK to Hawaii to share them with his top customers.

Freedom from Google AdWords

For the last several years, Google AdWords has been the mainstay for thousands of Internet business owners.

These entrepreneurs, many of whom were first exposed to the power of Google AdWords at the System Seminar, love the fact that the traffic was cheap, targeted, trackable and you could get a campaign going in minutes.

Well, AdWords is still targeted, trackable, and good for a good start, but the traffic is anything but cheap. Not only that, but Google has a tendency to change policies in midstream (i.e. the infamous “Google slap”) leaving once-thriving businesses high and dry.

Greg Davis has been one of the leading lights in teaching people how to free themselves from traditional AdWords traffic and in the process get exponentially more traffic at a much lower cost than they could ever get from AdWords.

> The path from rookie to rockstar

Originally a struggling affiliate marketer losing a $100 a day, Greg Davis discovered a vastly more profitable way to do things with help from an unexpected source and was soon generating over $100,000 a month in revenue.

Now he’s co-owner of two CPA networks and personally spends up to $50,000 a day of his own money on paid traffic.

Greg sees, tracks, and tests more traffic in a week than many Internet marketers do in a year. Along the way he’s learned some truly unique and uniquely profitable ways to get huge returns on traffic buys.

Here’s some of what Greg shared in his presentation at System 2010:

* A sneaky way to quickly find, take over and dominate the most lucrative niches…even ones that seem super competitive

* An ad writing system that consistently generates maximum conversions

* A method for quickly ramping up a campaign that generates hundreds of dollars a day to tens of thousands of dollars

* Greg’s own system for tracking and testing his ad buys which allow him to safely buy huge amounts of traffic for a healthy return

* A weird trick that lets you tap into oceans of “invisible” search network traffic at dirt cheap prices

The best money making tools in life are free

(or really, really cheap)

Timothy Seward started his business life in the “bricks and mortars” world of wholesale distribution.

After successfully selling his business, he went back to school for a degree in computer science – and then he discovered the Internet.

A passionate early adopter of AdWords, he and his new company ROI Revolution came to the attention of Google which invited him to be a charter consulting partner for their Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer tools.

Today, Timothy and his staff of twenty-six engineers and paid search analysts manage online advertising for dozens of companies large and small including some with monthly ad budgets of $500,000 a month or more.

> Pay a virtual visit to Timothys office and see how they get their amazing results

Here are some of the tricks of the trade Timothy shared with us at System 2010:

* Two inexpensive user-friendly reference books that guarantee that you’ll never run out of ad ideas

* The keyword research tool named after a famous ride at Coney Island amusement park that makes generating big lists of relevant keyword phrases fun, fast and easy

* Two tools that let you spy on your competition and figure out where they get their profitable traffic

* How to automatically generate thousands of keyword phrases from a handful of terms

* The suite of powerful, but not terribly well known, marketing tools Google makes available to insiders – and how to access them for free

You missed System 2010, but you dont have to miss out

At the beginning of this letter, I said I’d share three big ideas that will help you make more money right now. I did.

I also introduced you to seven real-world Internet marketing experts…experienced pros who’ve proven their money-making expertise who sell a wide range of products and services to a wide range of different marketplaces.

Now I’m going to offer you the opportunity to share in everything we covered together at System 2010.

Every session was video taped and is available on DVD.

We also put all the sessions on CD for playback in your car or CD player, and if you play the CD on your computer, you get all the powerpoint slides synchronized with the speakers presentation.

But wait, theres more

You’ll also get the complete recordings of these three unadvertised bonus sessions:

* Bonus Session #1: A special “early bird” Fundamentals Session with me for business owners who are relatively new to online marketing or are smart enough to realize they might be missing some of the fundamentals

* Bonus Session #2: A late night “jam session” with me analyzing websites and businesses and answering a broad range of questions on every topic related to business and marketing under the sun

* Bonus Session #3: Hours and hours of free form Q & A on copywriting…conversion strategies…info marketing…tracking and testing…traffic generation…pay-per-click advertising… and more featuring the System 2010 Faculty

Ken McCarthy
Founder, The System Seminar

P.S. Over the years, attending high quality seminars has consistently proven to be the #1 method for making rapid progress in Internet marketing.

Unfortunately, because of time constraints and travel issues, it’s not possible for everyone who wants to attend the annual System seminar to be there live.

These recordings are the next best thing to being there (minus the cost of airfare, hotel, meals and general wear and tear, of course.)

In fact, having these recordings at your disposal might even be better in some ways. You can study them on your own schedule and go over the particular parts that are important to you again and again.

P.P.S. Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that we’re living in challenging economic times.


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