Kenster – The IM System

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Kenster – The IM System
Format Files: [ 50 Videos (MP4) + 25 eBooks (PDF) + 1 Document (DOC) ] 
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Kenster – The IM System

Kenster – The IM System



High-Quality Training Modules: There are over 100 in-depth step-by-step tutorial videos (Completely ACTIONABLE, fluff-free training) that I’ve spent two years developing for you. You can start putting these into action right away. You’ll also receive accompanying PDFs with bullet points and diagrams to help you absorb the most important lessons. This is the equivalent of me building your ENTIRE business for you from scratch. ($5,000.00 Value)


Action Modules: These step-by-step worksheets help you apply what you’ve learned in the tutorials by breaking your work down into easily manageable, bite-size tasks. This is the difference between feeling confused, overwhelmed, and accomplishing nothing, and getting things done while finally making hands-free money. ($1,000.00 Value)
Case Studies: With every module, you’ll be inspired by two case studies (one IM, one not IM). You’ll watch me progress through the homework along with you to guide you through The IM System. ($4,000.00 Value).

Weekly Homework: Track your progress with concise, comprehensive worksheets – they’ll allow you to quickly reference your past work and progress. Do these, and you’ll get results. It’s that simple. ($1,000.00 Value)

Updated Material: This is an active training program, so new modules will be added and you’ll stay updated on any and all advancements in the market. This is like having a research staff working for you, keeping you up to date on how to maximize your profits. ($5,000.00 Value


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