Kevin McKillop – Local Video Method

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Kevin McKillop – Local Video Method
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Kevin McKillop – Local Video Method

Kevin McKillop – Local Video Method


Tired of Trying To Get New Clients? Learn
How To Create Powerful Website Video
Reviews That Make Your Prospects Call You!

Dear Internet Marketer…

The age-old problem of getting new clients is a big one. Your marketing should
never stop and it should never stop looking at new ways to attract new clients.
Local businesses need your help, but trying to market to them can be difficult –
especially in the beginning.

Nobody likes cold calling, and sending out hundreds of direct mail pieces is
time consuming with very little targeting going on. Start picking your customers
and targeting them! Not every customer is a good customer and with video
reviews, it is all about quality – not quantity.

The biggest marketing problem today is that old methods of targeting and
acquiring new clients have been beaten to death. Something fresh is required.
So what is a new, fresh, welcomed way to market to your prospects?

Engaging Video Reviews

Prospects respond to videos because they are engaging, personal and provide
actual value. So much so that I’d say at least 60% of the people I send them to,
call me back! Imagine being able to create 10 videos per day and have them sent
to your prospects before the day is over? If you keep it up, you’ll have more
clients than you know how to handle.

Your prospects will appreciate your effort. Not only have you given them great
information and demonstrated real numbers in the video, you’ve also demonstrated
your knowledge to your prospect before even speaking with them.

When they call you, they’re already sold on you and your services. It’s a simple
close from this point on.

Local Video Method

You’ll get access to a private membership area.

Complete video walk through from start to finish.

PDF Download Guide to go along with Video tutorials.

Video scripts for you to use in your own videos.

Sample completed videos included to see the final results.

Includes both Mac & Windows templates/instructions.

Keynote and PowerPoint templates for your video presentation.

A system to create videos quickly so you don’t waste valuable time.

Tips on tools and sites I use in my videos to demonstrate authority.

Still Have Some Questions?

Question: Do I have to be an IM wiz to critique websites? Is this program
only for IM people who already know how to do SEO, etc?

Local Video Method is not just for IM experts. The website video review doesn’t
go into a lot of technical detail, your prospects aren’t interested. They just
need to understand how people look for things online and why their website is
likely invisible at the moment (bad titles, bad descriptions, no back links,
etc. They are more interested in the potential and what you could offer their
business by increasing their leads.

Question: What other software is required?

Depending on your platform, for Windows you need PowerPoint and Camtasia. If
you’re running on a Mac you’ll need Screenflow (All Macs come with Keynote and
iMovie pre-installed).

Contents of Local Video Method
Local Video Method Guide (PDF)
Templates: Intro Slides – Keynote (KEY)
Closing Slides – Keynote (KEY)
Intro Slides – PowerPoint (PPT)
Closing Slides – Power Point (PPT)
LVM Closing script (PDF)
LVM Intro script (PDF)
Mac:  1 – Stage Setup for Mac (MP4)
2 – Editing Reviews for Mac (MP4)
3 – Intro-Closing Editing for Mac (MP4)
4 – Editing with iMovie (MP4)
5 – Final Review with iMovie (MP4)
Windows:  1 – Stage Setup for Windows (MP4)
2 – Intro-Closing Editing for Windows (MP4)
3 – Editing Review for Windows (MP4)
4 – Final Review with Camtasia (MP4)


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