Project Management Professional: PMP

Project Management Professional: PMP

Name Product: Project Management Professional: PMP
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The Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute is an advanced level certification that requires not only a written exam from the candidate but also verifiable non-overlapping field experience and continuing education. It is the most significant industry recognized certification for Project Managers worldwide. Project Managers with this certification are in high demand because it validates the excellence of knowledge, experience and ability in Project Management Leadership. The following download link is to a Zip file containing the templates and formulas used in the episodes. _

01 Overview of PMP (22m).mp4
02 PMP Fundamentals (76m).mp4
03 PMP Fundamentals Part 2 (65m).mp4
04 Initiation Phase (95m).mp4
05 Initiation Phase Part 2 (50m).mp4
06 Planning Part 1 (45m).mp4
07 Planning Project Scope (76m).mp4
08 Planning Project Scope Part 2 (81m).mp4
09 Determining Requirements (49m).mp4
10 Time Management Part 1 (104m).mp4
11 Time Management Part 2 (101m).mp4
12 Time Management Part 3 (74m).mp4
13 Cost Management (61m).mp4
14 Quality, Resources & Comms (97m).mp4
15 Planning for Risks (106m).mp4
16 Procurements and Stakeholders (62m).mp4
17 Execution Part 1 (42m).mp4
18 Developing a Plan (70m).mp4
19 Executing Part 1 (96m).mp4
20 Executing Part 2 (87m).mp4
21 Monitoring and Controlling (55m).mp4
22 Schedule and Cost Management (40m).mp4
23 Earned Value Management (70m).mp4
24 Monitoring and Controlling Part 3 (61m).mp4
25 Closing (26m).mp4

02 PMP Fundamentals.txt
03 PMP Fundamentals Part 2.txt
04 Initiation Phase.pdf
05 Initiation Phase Part 2.pdf
06 Planning Part 1.pdf
07 Planning Project Scope.pdf
08 Planning Project Scope Part 2.pdf
10 Time Management Part 1.pdf
11 Time Management Part 2.pdf
12 Time Management Part 3.pdf
13 Cost Management.txt
14 Quality, Resources & Comms.pdf
15 Planning for Risks.pdf
16 Procurements and Stakeholders.pdf
17 Execution Part 1.pdf
19 Executing Part 1.pdf
20 Executing Part 2.pdf
21 Monitoring and Controlling.pdf
22 Schedule and Cost Management.pdf
23 Earned Value Management.txt
24 Monitoring and Controlling Part 3.pdf
25 Closing.pdf

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