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Public Domain Resource

Public Domain Resource


Public Domain Resources
Public domain does not fully describe the types of resources available on this page. We have provided a list of easy to use resources with few restrictions, whether they are in the public domain, publicly available or available for use by the owners or by the website with limited restrictions.

Why This List?
The following compilation of resources is intended to connect instructors, researchers, and students to public domain materials and publicly accessible media that are available to users with little to no restrictions. Materials found through these links can be used for individual study or to supplement formal class lectures and, as such, can serve as a resource beyond traditional slides or textbooks. This compilation allows instructors, students, and other researchers to access a wide array of materials without needing to address the copyright issues involved in making one’s own collection.

Why ‘Not’ This List?
This list is not meant to be construed as a silver bullet to completely avoiding copyright. While the original intent behind curating this list was to provide a helpful resource, we have not reviewed each, individual item made available by the sites below, and neither the Copyright Advisory Office, nor Columbia University make any warranty that the materials are, in fact, without legal protection. Although many of the materials referenced here may be copied and used without copyright limitations, other legal restrictions (such as privacy or right of publicity) may apply and users of these sites should should factor that into their reasoning before moving forward with any subsequent use.
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