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Randy Charach – How to Run your own Talent Booking Agency

Randy Charach – How to Run your own Talent Booking Agency

“Here’s Your Simple To Follow, Easy To Do, Cheap To Set-Up, Step-by-Step Guide – Showing You Exactly How You Can Make Big Bucks Booking Talent With Your Own Talent Agency That You Can Even Operate From Your Home”

You’ll have full contact information on a talented bunch of Variety Entertainers. Plus insider information on reaching Actors and Models looking to work for you.

The best part is that you don’t pay anyone any money until you make money. There’s no shortage of ‘gigs’ to send your Talent to either. Finding the jobs for your Talent will be easy – once you get your hands on my proven system…

After over a decade of running and profiting from my Talent Agency, I decided to sell the business and take a couple years off of work. In case you’re wondering why I would sell this business, the answer is simple. Time for new challenges.

I ran my agency part-time, from . My profits (not sales – but profits) were an average of:

Now that I’ve sold my agency and my ’secrecy’ contract has expired, you now have the incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity to learn all the secrets of the industry. The exact same secrets I taught the new owners who paid $249,000 to learn! Nothing has been left out! It’s all available for you to prosper from and enjoy!

Learn how to own your own Talent Booking Agency……so you can Create Unlimited Income and Call the Shots.

Your computer becomes your secretary and is assigned the daily tasks such as marketing, booking and finding acts, invoicing, book-keeping, follow-up and more.

Your staff consists of an army of income generating self-employed entertainers of all types, ready and waiting to be sent to their next gig.

You will learn everything you need to profit from your own agency and exactly how to sell it. All in a super short time.

In this new resource that explains everything, step-by-step, so you can be in business – today!

It also covers, in great detail, how you can sell your business after you pull out massive profits and are ready to move on to your next venture, or retire (if you choose to do so).

I wish that an opportunity like this existed for me when I started my agency. It would have shaved years off my learning curve and I would have made even more money in less time. But hey I’m not complaining…

Complete with their show descriptions, contact information and pricing. Best of all, they have all agreed to be included in this exclusive resource and are ready to work for you. Okay, so how much of an investment do you need to make…

This is peanuts compared to all the money that will slip by you if you choose to learn the hard way. Or worse yet, lose out on this opportunity all together.

Look, I surveyed a group of my customers and was told on average that I should not sell this for less than $200.00

But for now, it’s yours at a bargain discount because it is a newly revised release and I would like to see some more quality agencies out there. So, no stack of bonuses, no filler information, just direct and to the point material at a fair price so you can get the information you need to succeed right now.

If you happen to be an entertainer yourself, or want to be one, and pass on this opportunity, then frankly, your nuts! Sorry, but this is an awesome situation for people who are not entertainers. And it is an absolute “no brainer” if you are one, or want to be one!

Also, if you are an entertainer or want to be one, and do not even plan on starting an agency, you should know the information contained in this book. It will give you an insider look at how agencies and other entertainers operate and will enable you to receive greater profits as a performer.

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