Relationship Rewind - Ryan Rivers

Relationship Rewind - Ryan Rivers

Relationship Rewind – Ryan Rivers

Whether your partner has already said goodbye, or you simply want to bring back that passionate, loving spark with your partner right now, you’ve come to the right place.

If there was ever a ‘time machine’ for your relationship, you’ve found it.
What you discover on this webpage will help you. And the sooner you do something with this knowledge, the better your chances are for success. I urge you to read this page right now, and in it’s entirety.

And even if you think there’s a CHANCE your partner might be THE ONE, or at least someone who is important to you, then you owe it to yourself to enter your email and download the free Relationship Rewind starter kit.

It just might make the difference between spending your life with a special someone who makes you happy, or being miserable because you end up settling with the wrong person.

There were (apparently) two versions of the book. This torrent includes both versions – the “Men’s and Women’s” separate versions, and the “3-Step” version. Also included are all of the bonuses originally included with the system:

Better S.e.x More Often
The Cheating Recovery Kit
The “Clear Truth” Technique
Lover’s Jiu-Jitsu
Reverse Your Divorce
Mind Calm (self-hypnosis MP3 audio)
“The Ex Files” (sessions #1 and #2 only)


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