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Richard Mulvey,09 - Body Language in Business

Richard Mulvey,09 – Body Language in Business

Weather you are in sales or management, human resources or marketing an understanding of body language will help you dramatically improve your communication skills.
20,000 years ago business was a lot simpler; a man could exchange a clay pot for a leg of panther with simple nods and grunts. Business today is a lot harder but we are still using the same gestures and they remain a truer reflection of our feelings than the words we use. In this work on body language in business we explore the gestures we all use everyday and describe their meanings. We focus on how to understand your customers, how to pick out a lie, how to manage an interview or your boss and many other business situations.


Know exactly when to Close that Sale.
Read the Mind of your Negotiating Opponent
Create the Right Impression with your Customers … Everytime
Learn about Body Language in Courtship
Defuse Problem Situations
Always Identify a Lie

Learn how to read minds, defuse problem situations, create an impact, improve your negotiation skills and know exactly when to close that sale. Is that salesman lying to you? Does your secretary really enjoy your company or is she just after a pay rise? These and many more questions are answered in “The Business Guide to Body Language”. This presentation is as entertaining as it is informative and shows how an understanding of Body Language can give you an unfair advantage in all human interaction

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