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Rob Farnham – Corporate Credit Power

Rob Farnham – Corporate Credit Power


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Saturday, July 19, 2014
From the desk of Patti & Robert Farnham

Over the past few decades we have started, acquired and sold quite a few businesses. Most of those businesses were formed inside a corporate structure. That’s what our high-priced lawyers and accountants recommended. So that’s what we did. Some of these businesses were VERY successful (some, not so much!).

One of our most recent adventures (our internet publishing business), had been growing for a few years. We decided to leverage some of the business credit it MUST have established, and purchase another existing business as a sideline venture.

We headed down to our local bank (the one that had our business credit cards, business checking and saving accounts, and ALL of our business deposits), to see how much credit our corporation had built up, with its multiple business accounts, credit cards and vendors.

business credit mistake You could have knocked us over with a feather!!

In fact, we were informed that our corporation had ZERO credit. It was ALL tied to us personally. We did some more research and found out that our corporation didn’t even have a true corporate credit file with the major business credit reporting bureaus.

How could this happen!

We were seasoned business veterans with paid professional advisors! (or so we thought!) Click Here to read the rest of our misadventure

The sad fact is that the typical small business owner is playing the WRONG credit game. There is information that your local banker, the credit card issuers, and other lenders are PRAYING the small business owner doesn’t discover. This lack of specific information helps keep the small business owner SMALL (just the way the banks and the lenders like it).

There is a SECOND (much different) set of rules that the Rockefellers, Trumps, Turners, Branson’s and Buffets use. These other methods (known by much less than 10% of the population) are the Corporate Credit Building strategies that the truly wealthy use to build their business empires!

Once YOU learn the REAL business credit rules you’ll begin building business wealth from a position of power.

bank frustration You’ll be able to focus on making decisions that build your business, not wasting your precious time groveling, scurrying, and getting on your hands and knees trying to convince unwilling lenders to extend you the financing you need.

After losing out on a terrific business opportunity, we decided to turn over every rock until we found the real story. As it turns out, our banker wasn’t much help. She was as uninformed as we were. Another bank employee we spoke with was full of outdated, BAD information. Neither of them knew the first steps to establishing real corporate credit!

Here are the facts:

You can use your corporation to get business credit cards, lines of credit and cash advances WITHOUT your personal guarantees!
There is a HUGE difference between real Corporate Credit and what most lenders call “Business Credit.”
You can obtain MUCH higher credit limits with Corporate Credit than you can obtain personally
You’ll learn to do this in a way that protects your privacy, family and the other things you’ve worked hard for!
Your corporation will get better interests rates than you could from a personal refinance.
Most business lines of credit have zero cost for the application and very low costs to use them.

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