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Rob Fore - Cash By Choice

Rob Fore – Cash By Choice


Dear Friend,

You are about to discover one of the fastest, easiest ways to start making money today.

Even if you have never made a dime
Even if you don’t know what a blog is, and
Even if you are a complete beginner.
I personally guarantee it!

Hi. My name is Rob Fore, and I’ve been online since 1998.

Just Google my name and you will find a 12 year history of who I am, where I’ve been and why you can trust me to help YOU achieve the lifestyle of your dreams.

But to make a long story short and save you the trouble…

Eight years ago I fired my boss because I was making more money working part-time from the comfort of my home than I could ever hope to make busting my butt at a job I couldn’t stand.

Now it’s YOUR TURN…

Because in less than three hours I can teach you everything you need to know to start earning a stable, ever-growing income on complete autopilot – and you only have to “work once” to pull it off.

Put in 2 hours today… earn $40 per month forever
Put in 8 hours this week…. earn $160 per month forever
Clock 100 hours over the next 3 months… earn $2,000 a per month forever
We’re talking about a proven step-by-step blueprint you can use to write your own first-class ticket to the good life. More time. More money. And the freedom to live life on your own terms… in style.

Cash by Choice is an e-book and video tutorial program created by Internet marketer Rob Fore that teaches you how to make money online using a special step-by-step method. With this system, Fore claims that you can become a successful online marketer even if you’re a beginner with no website and no experience.
Cash by Choice Detailed Overview
In Cash by Choice, Rob Fore promises to give you a detailed blueprint for making money with internet marketing. Though he hints about it in his sales copy here and there, he makes no promises that you’ll make this money overnight. What he does promise, though, is that you’ll save a lot of trial and error time by benefiting from what he’s learned through his years of internet marketing.
Following the system that Fore lays out in Cash by Choice takes work; he makes that clear. He does promise, however, that what the effort will bring you is a steady flow of income that can conceivably grow enough to make you a comfortable part-time income right from your own home.
Some of the things that you learn in Cash by Choice are how to run multiple marketing campaigns to bring in income from more than one source, how to find the most lucrative products to promote and how to use classified ads that bring in steady profits. In fact, Fore claims that with this method you don’t even need a website or a domain.
Skeptics of Cash by Choice claim that if this system is based mostly on classified ads—and that is exactly what it’s based on—then you could end up losing a lot of money by paying for ads that don’t deliver results. Of course, Fore promises to show you tips and techniques that will prevent this from happening.
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Cash by Choice Reputation
Feedback on Cash by Choice depends on who you talk to, but it seems to be split down the middle. Some people claim that they’ve tried the system, and though it does take some work and some research to place the right classified ads, they have seen decent results. Others claim that it is simply too much work for not enough return. At $17, it wouldn’t cost that much to find out for yourself if you were interested enough.
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