Robert Coorey – Feed A Starving Crowd Course

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Robert Coorey – Feed Your Starving Crowd – ONLINE TRAINING – Early Bird
+ Features Rob Coorey and over 20 experts
+ 25 modules include Video, Audio, Transcripts, Ch…

What you will learn:

#1 – How to get all the targeted traffic you can handle for 10c a click (hint: it’s not facebook or Google adwords)

#2 – How a leading nutritionist got 7,991 registrants to a live online seminar for less than $2,000 of advertising spend (most people struggle to get 100 on a webinar)

#3 – How a promoter sold out a multi-million dollar sales training national tour using none of his own money!

#4 – Three ways to find a “starving crowd” and the Juiciest markets to enter in less than one hour

#5 – How a business coach sold-out a multi-million dollar business event without any paid advertising

#6 – A sneaky way to “spy” on your competitor’s ads…and find out which ads are making them the most money

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